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Welcome to the Daily Record Online Classified Ad Placement Service. For your convienence we offer this service of placing your classified ad with us at any time.


If you have a photo (digital or scan) that you would like to include in your ad, please send it attached to email to Please be sure to include your ad information in the body of the email as well as contact information.


Specials: Your ad may qualify for special ad rates if it meets the following criteria:

  • You are selling an item and the price is included in the ad.
  • It is a noncommercial ad listed under Automotive, Furniture, Appliances, Miscellaneous, Merchandise or Boats.
  • Not Qualified for special are real estate ads, yard and garage sales, pedigreed and registered pets, plants, tickets to sporting events - cruises - flights, etc., or ads that for any reason do not meet with the publication requirements of The Daily Record.


Classified Line Ad Rates

Line ads are automatically included in our online edition of the classifieds as well as the New Today which runs in the A section of the newspaper to help draw people's attention to the new classifieds running.

*Employment ads and legal notices do not run in the New Today.

*ALL Garage/Yard sale ads must be prepaid and are $19.80.
Price based on 5 lines minimum with 30 characters per line.

For other classifieds:

1 Day: $13.50 open rate

1 Day: $11.21 employment rate

Auto Special Rate: 60 days for $30

The open rate and employment rate prices are based on 4 lines minimum with 30 characters per line.


  • Recruitment rates are slightly different.
  • Legals are not accepted through the website. Please direct questions and requests to our Legal Department at 910-230-2012 or email
  • Yard/garage sales are not included in our online edition of the classifieds.
  • Note that all ads are subject to approval and the Daily Record reserves the right to publish or not publish any ad for any reason.

Ad Copy: Please type in this box how you'd like your ad to read.

Ad copy can be made larger in size, bolded, etc. and if you prefer to use those options, please indicate this and the Customer Representative will go over the options available prior to publishing the ad.

Ad Category: Please choose the category.

Your Information
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* Your email is for our contact purposes only and we will never distribute it or sell it to any other company or persons.

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