Standards of Acceptance

The Publisher reserves the right to reclassify, reserve, edit or reject any advertisement - at any time before actual publication or after publication. All ads and pre-printed inserts subject to review and approval of Publisher.


  • If the advertiser is a dealer, agent or representative or is engaged in any side-line business activity, the company name or the term "dealer", "broker", "agent", or "representative" or other suitable term indicationg the ad has been placed by a commercial enterprise, must appear in the ad.



  • All help wanted ads must offer employment.
  • All ads requiring customer contact sales work in person or by telephone to include arranging appointments for salespeople will be keyworded SALES.
  • All employment ads run alphabetically and therefore must begin with the job, title, industry, field or profession.
  • Offers of "homework" subject to management approval.
  • Ads from modeling agencies or ads for models in general must appear in the proper classification deemed appropriate by newspaper management and are only acceptable from licenses local agencies. Unless an ad offers specific employment it will be scheduled to appear in classificfication deemed appropriate by management.
  • Interviewing in hotels, motels, - use of a hotel or motel phone number or name or address - must be approved by the management of the hotel or motel prior to scheduling. Such ads must also be approved by newspaper management.
  • Temporary positions, long or short-term, must be clearly indicated as such.
  • All ads placed by employment agencies or job listing services must clearly indicate same in each advertisment.
  • In compliance with the Title 7 of the Civil Rights Act, amended, we do not accept ads that are discriminatory as to age, sex, race, color, creed, or religious background. A listing of restricted and permitted phrases is available from the U.S. Department of Labor.


  • All sales ads should indicate how the employee will be paid, (salary, bonus-plan, commission, etc.). When statements of average commission earnings are uses, they must be reasonable, based on facts.
  • The Publisher reserves the right to require documentation in such cases. The newspaper also reserves the right to require disclosure in the ad of the product being sold.
  • Advertisments indicating a training period must state if, and on what basis, the employee will be paid during the training period.
  • If any income is "guaranteed" in a commission slaes offer, a copy of that guarantee must be on file at this newspaper.


  • Additional information may be requested via questionnaire before the ad is published.
  • Firms advertising under this classification offering anything other than a for-sale-or-lease local business, must be registered with the State of North Carolina or have a letter of exemption on file with the State. For our record, we must know the type of business being offered whether or not it appears in the advertisment.
  • Prepayment is required unless credit as been established by approval of application for credit.
  • Earnings: Advertisers offering a non-operating local business may not state or imply potential earnings figures either for that business or other similar businesses. Advertiser may use "good potential", "high potential" or similar phrase.
  • Currently operating local businesses may state past or present earnings if specified whether the amounts are gross or net, When statements of earnings are used, they must be reasonable, based on facts. The Publisher reserves the right to require documentation in such cases. The Publisher also reserves the right to require disclosure in the ad of the product being sold. Third-party business brokers must identify themselves as such in their ads.
  • Deadlines: Deadline for ads in this classification is 48 hours in advance of regular deadlines.
  • Coin, Vending, Rack Business: The brand or trade name of the product to be vended may not be mentioned unless Publisher receives written proof of the manufacture's permission. Earnings statements are subject to policy outlined above. The Publisher reserves the right to require additional information on any "routes" for sale including local locations.


  • In the event of failure to fulfill the conditions of an Advertising Agreement for any reason, the Advertiser agrees to pay the difference between the contractual Agreement rates and open rate for all advertising previously published under the terms of the Agreement.


  • Monthly statements will be accepted as correct both as to the amount of space and rate, if the Advertiser fails to notify the Newspaper in writing within 10 days of receipt of the statement that it is believed to be incorrect.


  • All rates are cash with order except where credit has been approved. Until credit is established, all advertising published will be paid in advance at the open rate until lower rate is earned.
  • Where credit has been extended, bills are payable upon terms stipulated. Advertiser agrees that in the event suit is required for collection, Advertiser will pay all costs of collection including reasonable attorney's fees.


  • If all billings are not paid within 30 days the Publisher reserves the right to reject any copy at the time and cancel the advertising Agreement without notice. In such event all charges for the advertising published prior to such cancellation shall immediately become due and payable.


  • The Publisher reverses the right to amend the terms, conditions, rates and any other provisions specified in this rate book. Contractual advertisers will be given a 30-day notice of any rate adjustments.
  • If the revisions are not acceptable to the Advertiser, the Advertiser shall have the right to terminate any Agreement in writing prior to, but effective on, date change without penalty.


  • The sole liability and obligation of the Publisher for any failure to publish an advertisement shall be to refund any amounts paid to the Publisher for such advertisement. The liability and obligation of the Publisher for any other breach of these terms and conditions contained in this rate book or in any Agreement with the Advertiser or for any act or omission of the Publisher with respect to any advertisement, including, without limitation, any mistake or error in a published advertisement, shall not exceed the cost of any advertisement under the provisions hereof.
  • In no event shall the Publisher be liable to the advertiser or to any other person, firm or other entity for any further damages of any kind arising from any breach of such terms and conditions or act of omission of the Publisher with respect to an advertisement, including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, special or consequential damages. The Publisher is not liable for any error in any advertisement to a greater extent than the cost of the space occupied by the error in the advertisement. Maximum liability is full refund of prepayment amount, if applicable.
  • Credit for errors in advertisements will be allowed for the first insertion only. The portion of any advertisement containing an error will be republished without charge. The Publisher will be responsible for " re-run" of an advertisement for only one (1), incorrect insertion in cases only when value of the advertisement is affected.
  • Although an advertiser is not required to sell an item or service at an incorrectly advertised price, the Publisher will furnish the advertiser with a letter stating the price which should have appeared in the advertisement as ordered by the advertiser.


  • Every effort will be made to afford advertising position desired; however, under no circumstance is position guaranteed, and advertising must be paid for regardless of position. The Publisher does not guarantee that any ad that appears on more than one page shall appear on consecutive or adjacent pages.


  • Advertisers represent and warrant by submitting advertising to the Publisher, that all facts stated in such advertising will be true and correct, and that therein there will be no libel and no invasion of privacy with respect to any person, partnership, corporation or other entity, and no infringement of any trademark, copyright, or intellectual property right with respect to any person, partnership, corporation or other entity.
  • The Advertiser and/or Advertising Agency assume liability, jointly and severally, for all content (including text representations and illustrations) of advertisements printed and also assume responsibility for any claim arising therefore made against the Publisher.
  • The Advertiser and/or the Advertising Agency agree, jointly and severally, to indemnify and hold the Publisher harmless for all costs, expenses (including reasonable attorney's fees) liabilities and damages resulting from publication of any advertisement placed by Advertiser or the Advertising Agency.
  • Real estate advertising must comply with relevant HUD and other state and federal regulations.


  • Classified Display advertising submitted after deadline is done at the Advertisers risk. Such ads cannot be changed and are automatically released for publication.


  • Emergency corrections after deadline will be made when time will permit and charges will be for labor and materials.


  • If the Advertiser is an Advertising Agency, such Agency hereby agrees to be liable for and to pay all advertising published for such Agency. An Advertising Agency must have each client sign a Classified Advertising Agreement and complete a credit application in order to quality for local contractual rates.


  • Should an individual or group broker space to local advertisers for insertion into The Daily Record or any of its affiliated publications as a preprint or ROP advertising, that individual or group will be charged a brokerage fee of $100 per advertiser in addition to the space, which will be invoiced at 150% of the open national rate. Payment is due in advance.


  • Advertising Orders to "TF or 'Til Forbid" advertising for any ad exceeding 24 lines, (three column inches), will be verified by a supervisor in the Classified Advertising Department or submitted in writing.


  • National political campaigns quality for national rates. A copy of those rates and detailed guidelines are available by writing or calling the Classified Manager. State, county and district races will qualify for local advertising rates.
  • All political advertising will be paid for in advance of publication and will be tagged "Paid Political Advertisement" at the top, bottom or within the ad.
  • All local, state and federal laws and guidelines will be followed in all political advertising.


  • Any advertisement over 19 inches in depth will be billed as full column depth. Any tabloid advertisement over 11 inches in depth will be billed as full column depth.
  • Classified set-solid ad must have a minimum of four vertical column lines. All display ads will be billed in units equivalent to the base column lines at 8 lines per column inch.


  • Any ad simulating news style will be labeled "Advertisement" at the top and conform to other such requirements as the Publisher may require.


  • Every effort will be made to return artwork and layouts furnished by Advertisers, on their request, but the Publisher cannot be held responsible in case of loss or damage.


  • Minor changes on proofs involving up to approximately 10% of the time required to set the original ad are made without charge. All revisions in excess of the above are charged to the customer at the rate of $20 per hour. Special production charges of $40 per hour. One hour minimum. All other extra charges apply.


  • Ads set and placed on hold order will be held for 30 days and then canceled. Those not inserted within the 30-day period are subject to a charge of onehalf the rate of one-time insertion at applicable rate. This also applies to ads set and canceled before publication.


  • Announcements concerning strikes, fires, deaths or similar copy considered to be of an "emergency" nature are accepted beyond deadlines when time and space permit.


  • The Advertiser agrees to furnish complete copy for advertisements by or before publishing deadlines. For Advertisers who have a Classified Advertising Agreement in force, most recent ad will be repeated or an agreed-upon "rateholder" will be published until new copy is furnished or other arrangements are made to cover minimum contractual requirements.


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