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Soft like silk at the center, with crispy flame-broiled texture surrounding; a “Queen’s Cut” steak at Heath’s II Steakhouse is perfection to the palette.

Perhaps that flavor earned the Dunn dinery Best Things North Carolina’s recognition as one of the 10 best steakhouses in North Carolina.

Powered by AmericanTowns Media, the online publication was unavailable to comment on how they made their decision to rank the 316 S. Powell Ave. restaurant as No. 9 on the list.

The article, penned by Anna Glazebrook, said N.C. steakhouses serve perfectly prepared steaks with incredible sides and drinks. Ms. Glazebrook wrote lunch and dinner in Dunn is delectable, bringing loyal customers back.

“Enjoy the great service and atmosphere during either meal,” she wrote. “The lunch menu is prepped with soups, a full salad bar and sandwiches, including the filet mignon steak See Heath’s II, Page 3

Heath’s II Steakhouse in Dunn was ranked by online publication Best Things North Carolina as the state’s No. 9 steakhouse. Pictured here, from left, are server/bartender Trish Swiderski, chef Todd Crocker, manager Melanie Leslie and server Barbara Hudson. Chef Crocker, in his third year with the top-10 restaurant, presents the steakhouse’s most-ordered dish, a 6 ounce filet mignon, known simply as the ‘Queen’s Cut.’

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In 1972 Heath’s Steakhouse was opened on Powell Avenue by H.W. Heath. Mr. Heath — a businessman dealing in furniture — opened the restaurant with a passion for cooking.

Following his death in the late 1990s, Heath’s was managed for five years by his sons, Doug and Ronnie. Pat Godwin of Godwin Manufacturing bought the business in 2002, operating it for 13 years with help from longtime employee Debra Jackson.

Today, and as of March 2015, Warren Oil Company founder Irvin Warren is at the Heath’s helm.

He commissioned a remodel the same year, adding a full bar, expanding the menu with healthier choices, new appetizers and seafood dishes. He renamed the business Heath’s II Steakhouse.

Manager Melanie Leslie is “very pleased” with the honor of being named No. 9 steakhouse by Best Things North Carolina.

“None of this would be possible without Mr. Warren’s support,” she said. “This is a boutique restaurant, which gives us the opportunity to make every plate count. … We try to compete with ourselves. Every day we want to be better than the day before.”

She credited her staff, 41-year chef Gene Walker, third-year Heath’s II Steakhouse chef Todd Crocker and a new, up-and-coming and highly-competitive chef, George Harvey. She said bartender Trish Swiderski had a heavy hand in opening the new bar for Mr. Warren, designing signature cocktails, selecting the wine menu and picking out a few craft beers.

Another member of the fourperson serving staff, Barbara Hudson, is responsible for the steakhouse’s signature salad bar. The classic copper hood adorning the bountiful and beautiful cornucopia of vegetables, fruit and fixings is something customers remember, Ms. Leslie said. She regularly prepares the signature salad bar for lunch and dinner services.

Lunch Success

At Heath’s II Steakhouse of Dunn, lunch service is fairly new. The inaugural lunch was served April 4, 2016.

“It has been a remarkable success,” Ms. Leslie said. She said lunch events and functions are common and that the size of the steakhouse offers people both a place to quietly discuss business as well as a destination for celebrations.

“We are a destination restaurant,” the manager said. “People enjoy celebrating their birthdays and anniversaries with us, and we enjoy that designation — as a special destination.”

A staff of less than 20, multitasks and assists each other to make the 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. lunch hour flawless. With three kinds of soups, nine sandwich varieties and the signature salad bar, lunch at Heath’s II Steakhouse might be a memorable moment.

The Dunn dinery has full ABC permits, offering all drinks at a full bar for lunch, as well as desserts, hot tea and coffee.

Other items on the evening menu include broiled or grilled lobster tail and grilled Mahi-Mahi which is served with fire roasted corn and black beans.

“Heath’s has always enjoyed an excellent reputation. We work diligently on everything to maintain and improve in any way that we can,” Ms. Leslie said. “We pay attention to detail. … We love catering to our loyal customers and we are very excited when new guests visit us.”

When Ms. Hudson received the call from Best Things North Carolina and told her manager they would be featured in an article about fine dining, Ms. Leslie was “very pleased.” She added that she and her staff are happy to have social media outlets — like Facebook — to broaden their customer base.



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