Get Ready, It Will Soon Be Election Filing Time

• Candidates can begin signing up Monday at noon.

Of The Record Staff

It won’t be long now, the 2018 campaign season gets underway officially on Monday when candidates can file their petitions to be on the ballot in the May 8 primary.


Filing begins at noon and continues until Wednesday, Feb. 28 at noon and will entail plenty of races to keep voters intrigued ahead of the primary. At that time, voters will select the slate of candidates who will take part in the Nov. 5 General Election.

Races this year include U.S. Congressional seats, several state legislative seats and also include many county contests.

The only exceptions to the filing period are for judicial seats which currently have no primary election. Persons seeking those seats can file between June 18 and June 29 at the State Board of Elections office.

There is also a different filing period for Soil and Water Conservation District supervisor, which is between June 11 and July 6.

As a reminder to voters, early voting for the May primary will get underway on April 19 and continue until May 5. Sites and times are still pending decisions by the local board of elections.

Harnett County

The sheriff’s race will likely draw much of the attention in this year’s Harnett County election with contested races on the board of education and the board of commissioners also drawing the attention of voters.

Here is a complete list of the races on the ballot along with the incumbent in each seat.

• Clerk of Court — Marsha Johnson

• Sheriff — Wayne Coats

• U.S. House District 2 — George Holding

• State Senate District 12 — Ronald Rabin.

• State House District 53 — David Lewis

• State House District 51 — John Sauls

• Board of Education District 1 — Vivian Bennett

• Board of Education District 3 — Jason Lemons

• Board of Education District 5 — Roger Farina

• Commissioners District 1 — Barbara McKoy

• Commissioners District 2 — Abe Elmore

Johnston County

Several races make up the 2018 slate in the Benson and Four Oaks areas. Included among them are the District 3 Johnston County commissioner seat currently held by Chad Stewart.

Here is a complete list of the races up for grabs in the May primary along with the incumbent:

• U.S. House 7th District — David Rouzer

• District Attorney — Susan Doyle

• State Senate District 12 — Ronald Rabin

• State House District 28 — Larry Strickland

• Sheriff — Steve Bizzell

• Clerk of Superior Court — Michelle Ball

• Register of Deeds — Craig Olive

• Commissioner District 3 — Chad Stewart

• Board of Education — Butler Hall, Dorothy Johnson and Todd Sutton

Sampson County

These are the primary races for residents in the northern portion of the county.

• U.S. House — David Rouzer

• State Senate District 10 — Brent Jackson

• State House District 28 — Larry Strickland

• Sheriff — Jimmy Thornton

• Clerk of Superior Court — Dwight Williams

• Commissioner District 1 — Clark Wooten

• Board of Education — Mary Brown, Telfair Simpson, Kim Schmidlin and Dewain Sinclair



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