Rowland Promoted To Dunn Police Captain



Will manage internal affairs.

Dunn Police Lt. Rodney Rowland has been promoted to captain, Dunn Police Chief Chuck West said.

Capt. Rowland will manage internal affairs investigations for the Dunn Police Department. Capt. Rowland is the director of the Dunn Police Athletic & Activities League. This is a program he established in the summer of 1995, essentially running it out of the trunk of his car. Since that time, the mentoring program has expanded, growing in the number of youth involved, the types of activities provided and the opportunities afforded. Capt. Rowland oversaw this expansion.

Capt. Rowland will still be PAL director.

Chief West said in a press release that before this promotion, internal affairs management had not been assigned to a specific officer.

“This appointment will emphasize the importance of internal affairs and interdepartmental accountability. This position was also established in an effort to build/maintain trust and communication within our community. Capt. Rowland will be assigned any cases of suspected professional misconduct involving any member of the Dunn Police Department,” the press release said.

Capt. Rowland started his law See Captain, Page 3A

Rowland Captain

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enforcement career with the Benson Police Department in June of 1988, but has been a “valued member of the Dunn Police Department for over 29 years and is also a well-respected member of this community,” Chief West said.

Capt. Rowland and wife, Patty, have two sons, William, 7, and Daniel, 4.

— Lisa Farmer



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