Much At Stake

In regard to “Judge Rules Election Board Should Have Held Hearing” [article, Jan. 18]. The words of Sen. Sam Ervin Jr.: “And if these allegations prove to be true, what they were seeking to steal was not the jewels, money or other precious property of American citizens, but something much more valuable — their most precious heritage: the right to vote in a free election.”

Enact Term Limits

Nancy Pelosi was on TV talking about not wanting to build the wall. … [Members of Congress] stay up there and get rooted into the seat and you have to pry them out with a bulldozer when it’s time for them to go. I don’t think they should have but two terms, just like the president and the governors.

What Is Wrong?

I saw where California wants to … give illegals the right to vote [according to, “California has implemented a law providing for the automatic voter registration of motorists who obtain or renew driver’s licenses, and critics contend that the law will make it easier for non-citizens to unlawfully vote.”]. Now, what is wrong with that? It’s not “undocumented,” it’s “illegal.”

Bread Crumbs To Her

I heard Nancy Pelosi on TV the other day. She said the people getting the tax money back, you know the companies that are giving, say, a thousand dollars [as bonuses to employees]. She said that was just bread crumbs. Well it might be to her since she’s about a 50time millionaire. But to the average, ordinary person out here working, it’s a lot to them. And she’s out there making [$193,400 in congressional salary]. Tell her to give her money to charity like Donald Trump did.

Reveal Information

The memo and the releasing of it from the FBI. You know, the Republicans looked at it and they have their own side of it. And the Democrats looked at it and they have their own side of it. Does anybody remember what “is” is? It’s your definition of what “is” is. Somebody is trying to pick and make everything. If there’s anything in there, they don’t have to sweeten it up, let us see it. Just like with the emails.

Wants Updates

I would like, if you could, to give us an update on a few things — the Rhodes Pond, Alphin Brothers and that terrible railroad crossing at Bearsville. It seems like … nothing happening.

Media Spin

The news media puts a spin on everything. Did you know they classified that when somebody shot a school bus with a BB gun, bust out the window, they classified that as a school shooting. When you go there with a gun and shoot students, to me, that’s a school shooting.

M.D. Turnover

I would like to know why a lot of doctors’ offices cannot keep a doctor for more than six to eight months.

This Is Why

I’m calling back again regarding Lt. [Cary] Jackson getting suspended without pay for one week [article, Jan. 26]. This is why young people do not want to be apprehended by the police and they run when they haven’t done anything.


When $2 million was missing from the Wake County Register of Deeds office, it took authorities several years to acknowledge it. But when community college employees received extra paid holidays, that was investigated by the state auditor. That’s politics.

No Respect

I was watching President Trump give his [State of the Union] address and I’d like to know why all those Democrats wouldn’t stand up, they wouldn’t clap for the president of the United States. They are supposed to recognize the office and it is a trusted office, whether they like what he does or not. He might not like what they do, especially Nancy Pelosi. And that Chuck Schumer should be voted out of office.

What About Obama?

I saw [Rep.] G.K. Butterfield on TV after the president’s speech and he said he’s the most divisive president. Well, did he sleep the eight years before President Trump? Did he go to the office and sleep? “The savior” was the greatest divider who’s ever been.

They’re Against Him

One party can’t get over losing and take a man who’s never been in politics and wins the presidency. And they say, well he’s never done anything. They won’t give him a chance. All they did was sit on their hands and warm them [during the State of the Union address]. And you think [Reps. David] Price and Butterfield would even clap for him? They’re against him all the way.

Why Have Laws?

I heard Nancy Pelosi say the Statue of Liberty was crying over what Donald Trump said. Nowhere on that statue do I see it say “bring me your illegals.” Why do we [require anyone] to come over here legally? Why not let everybody who’s not been vetted come over here?

An Eyesore

As a citizen of Dunn, I think the town should be aware and see how it looks on [one street], some houses with the siding blowing off. It’s been there for months and months. Just a real eyesore..

What’s The Difference?

Elián González. We can’t send these DACA kids back but we had to send Elián… His mama put him [on a small boat], she was trying to get to freedom from Cuba. She didn’t want him over there in Cuba under Fidel Castro. But Bill Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno [had federal agents] with guns take him from the family that he knew over here and sent him back to Cuba [in 2000]. Well, what’s the difference between him and these DACA recipients?



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