Great Care At Betsy Johnson

To the editor:

Dunn/Harnett County area residents are very fortunate to have the dedicated staff at Betsy Johnson Hospital in our community.

My husband, who has been bedbound since his stroke in 1997, was recently treated in the Betsy Johnson Hospital emergency room and critical care unit. The care he received there was far better than he has received in other ERs and CCUs over the past 20 years. None came close to the care he received at Betsy Johnson Hospital.

As a retired R.N./family nurse practitioner, I have been very disappointed in how much the care and attitudes of many medical personnel and hospitals have deteriorated over the past few years. Many seem to be more money and technology oriented than patientoriented, spending little time with the patient or the patient’s family.

In contrast, when my husband was brought into the Betsy Johnson ER, Dr. Olalekan Folarin, Dr. Stephen Keen and Hope Bass, R.N., immediately implemented emergency care and had him on life support within minutes. They worked quickly to stabilize him before taking him to the CCU where he remained for over three weeks.

All of the R.N.s — Wanda Suggs, Melissa McLamb, Gary Mineheart, Frankie Keen, Gary Parker, Melissa Core, Tracy McLamb, Derek Page and Kent Anacleto — provided outstanding care every day. The loving care provided by Jamie Sills, Kim Cox and especially Nicole Hairr was definitely unsurpassed and greatly appreciated.

The doctors also provided outstanding care. Dr. Asif Zia, Dr. Catherine Hathaway, Dr. Michael Oliverio, Dr. Samsher Sonawane and Dr. Mir Mustafa Ali all provided the best care possible. The understanding, compassion, kindness and loving professional care shown by Dr. Olalekan Folarin, Dr. Meghan Hubbard, Dr. Shrey Purohit and Dr. Zachary Mansell to my husband and to me will be clearly and vividly remembered forever. Thank you.

Carolyn F. Owen Dunn



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