What’s In A Nickname? Plenty When You Get Down To Basics


As we reach that milestone of the year known as Valentine’s Day, it brings to mind the little nicknames we have for our spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends or significant others and our children, grandchildren, even our pets.

Let’s begin with those who are closest to our hearts, our better half. When it comes to nicknames, our better half is probably the go-to person. Whether they are male or female, young or old, they will pull out a nickname from just about anywhere.

Take, for example, the word muffin.

Muffin is a simple, yet very complex word requiring the utmost thought and effort to tag someone with such a moniker. To be called a baked good, which is what muffins are generally considered, one must truly take into account the depth of the feelings behind the name.

If you are someone’s muffin, are you called that because you got intoxicated one night and ate a pan of muffins? Is it something you heard someone say once and you thought it fit the person you’re tagging with the nickname appropriately? Or is it simply because you can’t come up with anything original or more unique?

Personally, I think it’s more an expression than anything else. Either that or the person named muffin is a victim of their own doing.

Maybe they were making a joke with someone who decided to tag the other person with something so intimate they could never explain it in public. If such is the case, the moniker should probably be best left inside the walls of your domicile.

Beyond muffin lies other such nicknames which could be just as embarrassing to a healthy young man.

Being called Lumpy, Chubby, Tubby, Twinkle, Pickles, Sugar-Booger or even Buttercup. All have the power to bring a man to his knees should he be called any of those.

Nicknames have been a part of our vernacular as long as one can remember. They’ve been prominent in many parts of our culture. Baseball has Scooter, Yogi, The Mick, Catfish and Pudge.

Football has The Night Train, the Galloping Ghost, Sweetness and The Hammer.

Hockey has The Great One, The Kid, The Golden Jet and The Russian Rocket.

Basketball, too, has its share of nicknames. His Airness, Chocolate Thunder and Tiny.

While our little nicknames between spouses or significant others would likely embarrass us to the point of hiding under the desk, we must still consider the validity and the sincerity of such monikers.

As long as a nickname has some relevance to your situation — you know, such as making a joke and it ends up being your nickname — just keep in mind it’s all in good spirits and all in expressing how much you care.

Good luck, my fellow Muffins, Bubbas and Buttercups. Rick Curl is a reporter for The Daily Record. He can be reached at 910 230-2037. He can be reached by email at rcurl@mydailyrecord. com.





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