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There will be a noticable change to the Depot Square in Angier before this year’s Crepe Myrtle Festival.

The Angier Chamber of Commerce announced plans for the building of a new stage facility that will replace the flatbed trailers that have been used for a temporary stage in the past.

While no definite date for completion of the project has been set, chamber officials hope to see it ready for events as early as May.

Chamber member Alan Coats, who announced the proj- See Stage, Page 3A

The Angier Chamber of Commerce announced plans for a new stage near the Angier Depot. A rendering of the facility, which is to be called the Crepe Myrtle Pavilion, is pictured above from construction plans provided to The Daily Record by the chamber. The caboose would be located behind the stage.

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ect during the chamber’s annual awards dinner Tuesday night, did say it should be ready for the town’s showcase event.

“A lot will depend on other things like the weather,” Mr. Coats said. “But we believe it will be ready for the Crepe Myrtle Festival in September.”

Use of the facility won’t be limited to just the chamber, the pavilion will be a community asset that will be available to anyone.

“It will be a huge asset to the Town of Angier and its citizens,” said Angier Chamber of Commerce Director Shelby Blackmon. “Not only will the chamber be able to utilize it for festivals, but the Town of Angier will be able to have live performances to help bring the community together. Also our schools, churches, civic organizations and citizens will be able to utilize it for concerts and performances.”

The cost of the structure is estimated to be around $30,000 and will come from donations.

The project includes a 592-square-feet stage at the center. It will be encased by an openair pavillion which will be designed to fit in with the decor and facade of the Angier Depot.

It will be located directly in front of the caboose that sits quietly just beyond the Depot in the adjoining courtyard.

In addition to maintaining the look of the depot, the pavillion — which will be named The Crepe Myrtle Pavillion — will include an attached floor to connect directly with the landing of the caboose. The caboose can then be used for event-related purposes such as a dressing or staging area for entertainment acts.

The pavillion will also include access by both stairs and a ramp to accomodate handicapped patrons and will be open on all sides with the roof extending 16 feet from the front edge of the rails that currently host the caboose with the stage spanning 37 feet.

The stage will stand 4 feet above the ground with a height of 10 feet above the stage. Plans call for the pavillion to be centered on the caboose.

Chamber officials also announced any donations left over after the cost of construction will be used to add accoutremont to the pavillion, such as a new lighting system.

The chamber is seeking not only monetary donations, but services and material donations as well.

All who donate will be honored with a memorial plaque which is planned for the pavillion.

For more information about donating to the Crepe Myrtle Pavilion, call the Angier Chamber of Commerce at (919) 639-2500 or visit the chamber office at 24 E. Depot St.



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