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Staff Students in schools in the Triton and Harnett Central attendance areas participated Thursday and Friday nights in the 23rd annual Harnett Off Broadway — a showcase of the arts in Harnett County Schools. The events were held at Triton High School. The weekend before, Overhills High School hosted the events. Harnett Central Area Schools

Thursday night under the direction of Devon Hocutt, the Harnett Central High Choral Ensemble opened the evening with a rendition of the national anthem.

A second, slightly smaller version of the opening song was performed by North Harnett Primary before they unfurled the down-home, drumming ditty, “Sweet Home Alabama,” on the backs of buckets with sticks.

After little ones like Koby Howard, Bobby Jeffries, Addison Stewart and Abby Sutton of North Harnett Primary rattled off their two more musical masterpieces, “Drop the Sticks” and “Free Ride,” Angier Elementary took the stage for a jazzy jam session.

Evan Blake held his notes in a solo performance of “What a Wonderful World,” the second of three songs sung by Angier youth.

In top hats, young Ellie Duggar and Taylor Davenport danced, canes in hand, to sounds of the song “It Don’t Mean A Thing If You Ain’t Got That Swing,” and Angier Elementary received a rousing round of applause as they held up four signs spelling out the word “JAZZ.”

Next up was LaFayette Elementary, who stole the show with the Justin Timberlake pop mega-hit “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” Tucker Brown and Sidney Peebles cut a rug, dancing shag, center stage and stirring the capacity crowd into eruption. In their second number, LaFayette Elementary students Victoria Langdon and Kasie Fulcher took a page from the first act’s book, beating some drums themselves.

Lillington-Shawtown — not to be outdone — gave a “show stopping” performance of a “Kids on Broadway Medley: The Songs that Stopped the Show” which included show tune favorites from the musicals “Annie” and “Oliver Twist.”

Buies Creek blew the doors off the Triton auditorium with a Mickey Mouse Mash-Up, that had them bouncing and bopping to the all-time kids classic. The smiles sunk a bit and some tears could be seen in the stands as the elementary singers slowed the tempo and serenaded with “Circle of Life,” from “The Lion King.” The Elton John lyrics moved many in the stands to emotion, as the youth ensemble’s singing echoed in the building.

Harnett Central Middle School came out with energy, as Isabelle Morrow entered the stage alone. Before long, a deviously troubling, antagonistic protagonist appeared on the stage, Emma Vaughn, in the form of “The Cat in the Hat.”

Lastly, introduced by Master of Ceremonies Eddie White, the Harnett Central High Choral Ensemble returned to wow those in attendance with “Only in Sleep” and “Elijah Rock.”

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Students from Triton High School take part in the 23rd annual Harnett Off Broadway Friday night at Triton High School. In the photo are Jasmine Hodges, Eboni Sutton, Cameron Parker, Lauren Hall, Madison Stephens, Amber Cottle, Grace Deboer and Laura Willford.

Daily Record Photo/Melody Brown-Peyton Off Broadway

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First: Caleb Rivera — Lillington- Shawtown Second: Carter Atkins — Lillington- Shawtown Third: Emma Jones — LaFayette 3-5 Winners

First: Suki Richardson — Lillington- Shawtown Second: Bianca Giron — LaFayette Third: Allie Angier — Buies Creek 6-8 Winners

First: Candace Duprec — Harnett Central Middle Second: Alejandre Gonzalez — Harnett Central Middle Third: Selena Torres — Harnett Central Middle 9-12 Winners

First: Samantha Wilson — Harnett Central High Second: Dylan Kennedy — Harnett Central High Third: Jaqueline Morales — Harnett Central High Triton Area Schools

Before the event began Friday night at Triton High School, the crowd clapped their hands as parent Jeanette Sanchez stood to her feet and danced to the song “Happy.” Her children attend Harnett Primary and Wayne Avenue.

Christy Wilson of Gentry Primary said what makes this event so special is students have the opportunity to see their performances grow from elementary to high school, which provides students with the tools to craft their skills.

Triton student Alexa Parker sang the national anthem. The masters of ceremonies were Kysheem Elliott and Joshua Keen, both students at Triton.

Students at Gentry Primary School had the theme of “Play Ball, You’re At Bat.” They were dressed in baseball attire.

Harnett Primary theme was “You’ve Got a Friend In Me” and “We Are The World.” They showcased just how the world would be a better place if everyone showed more kindness.

Coats Elementary performed “Pure Imagination,” “Golden Age of Chocolate,” “The Candy Man,” “I Got a Golden Ticket” and “Oompa- Loompa.” This took the crowd to their childhood days of watching “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.”

Wayne Avenue Elementary took the crowd on a trip to New Orleans with their jazz theme “It Don’t Mean A Thing If You Ain’t Got That Swing.”

Erwin Elementary had the theme of “You Can’t Stop The Beat.”

Coats-Erwin Middle showed why they perform with the theme “Dance, Love, Sing, Live.”

Dunn Middle School spoke of the sorrow of the Holocaust with the theme “Mi Yitneni of Who Will Give Me Wings.”

Triton went back in time to the ’80s with “Fame.”

The night was bittersweet for one area teacher, Teresa Aiken, who will retire at the end of the academic year. Ms. Aiken is the chorus teacher at Coats-Erwin Middle School. Harnett Off Broadway is her brainchild.

Roy Harris, who serves as the chorus teacher at Triton High School, said he hopes students will take this experience and embrace fine arts. Triton Area Mini-Grant Winners

Gentry: “A Matter of Science” — Submitted by Sylvia Dziedzic Triton: “Multicultural Library” — Submitted by Sarah Fiero Gentry: “Science is Fun! — In House Field Trip” — Submitted by Melissa Pope, Kelli Miller, Ashley Hinson, Amanda Nelson and Felicia Glanton Wayne Avenue: “The Art of Zen” — Submitted by Susan Varner Coats: “Literacy Through Graphic Novels” — Submitted by Melinda Alvarado Triton Area Art Winners K-2 Winners

First: Kahni Clark — Harnett Primary Second: Scout Johnson — Gentry Third: Gavin Smith — Coats 3-5 Winners

First: Emily Pope — Coats Second: Justin Alvarado — Erwin Third: Ashley (no last name given) — Wayne Avenue 6-8 Winners

First: Logan Stroud — Dunn Middle Second: Addison Morrison — Coats-Erwin Middle Third: Vanessa Maldonado — Dunn Middle 9-12 Winners

First: Camerin Foster — Triton Second: Tianting Chen — Triton Third: Hailey Melgarejo — Triton 3-D Winners 3-8 Winners First Place: Mary Rock — Triton Second: Mary Rock — Triton Third: Kate Mangum — Triton



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