Two-Time ‘Survivor’Winner Works For Dunn Law Firm


Sandra Diaz-Twine, a case worker for local attorney Brent Adams, has won the CBS reality series ‘Survivor’ twice. She recently completed her third appearance on the show. And while she can’t reveal who won, she hopes everyone will watch and root for her.

Now appearing on long-running reality show for third time.

Sandra Diaz-Twine is back on television for another season of the popular CBS reality show “Survivor.” She is the only person who has won the contest twice.

Mrs. Diaz-Twine is now back on the show and is competing to win the third time on the latest season titled “The Game Changers.”

Mrs. Diaz-Twine works for the Dunn law firm Brent Adams and Associates as a Spanish-speaking case worker. She has helped many residents of Harnett County and surrounding areas with their cases.

The current season was filmed in Fiji from May to July 2016 and started airing last Wednesday night on CBS.

Her career with “Survivor” began in early 2003 when she was one of only 16 chosen out of over 100,000 applicants to appear on the hugely popular reality series.

She was required to submit a three-minute video of herself and answer a long series of questions. Mrs. Diaz-Twine first applied when she was a resident of Fort Lewis, Wash., where her husband was stationed in the armed services.

Several months after applying, Mrs. Diaz-Twine received a call asking her to submit to interviews by the “Survivor” staff at the local Seattle CBS affiliate. After answering questions during the halfhour long interview she was sent home to wait for further word.

Several months later Mrs. Diaz-Twine received a call inviting her to go to California for more interviews. This time she was interviewed by Jeff Probst, the host of “Survivor,” along with CBS President Les Moondes and the owner of the show, Mark Barnett.

Still months later, they told her that she made the cut and would appear on season seven.

Although she was employed full time, they only gave her a month’s notice to leave for the show in Panama. Show staff told her that she would only be able to bring what she could carry with her on her back.

However, at the start of the seventh season the contestants reached their destination by jumping out of a boat and had to See ‘Survivor,’ Page 3

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swim to shore carrying with them only the clothes they were wearing. The contestants wore the same clothes during the entire 39 days of filming. Contestants were at the location of the “Survivor” contestant site for 45 to 50 days during which the filming was conducted on 39 of those days.

The contestants were left to fend for themselves to find food and shelter. Some of the contestants ate rat, roaches and other wild creatures in order to stay alive.

Mrs. Diaz-Twine assured The Daily Record that everything you see on “Survivor” is real, nothing is fake. Even the conversations among the contestants are real because the cameras are really small and the contestants forget they are being filmed.

On the last episode of each “Survivor” season the contestants — including the ones who were voted off the island — come back and meet together to decide the winner.

Each contestant is required to explain why they should win and are subjected to cross examination by the other contestants.

After long deliberation, the contestants voted for Mrs. Diaz-Twine to win the seventh season — the season had the highest viewership than any other.

The second-highest rating occurred for season 20 which was titled “Heroes and Villains” which aired in February 2011.

Mrs. Diaz-Twine was invited back for that season along with the other contestants who have each been on previous “Survivor” episodes at least one time. This season was filmed in the summer of 2010 on location in Samoa. She was also named the winner in that one as well and as a result of her two previous successes, has received fan mail from all over the world.

Mrs. Diaz-Twine says she competed hard on season 34, but is not allowed to tell us the latest winner. We will have to watch the television series which airs each Wednesday evening to find out. Mrs. Diaz-Twine asks you to tune in this season and root for her to win her third “Survivor” season.

She is now back home and working at Brent Adams and Associates. If you are a “Survivor’ fan, Mrs. Diaz-Twine will welcome your phone calls.



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