Search For Drugs Yields Live Grenade



Of The Record Staff

The bond of a man facing drug charges in Lillington multiplied by 10 Thursday night when searchers found undetonated explosives at his home, in addition to the large quantities of illegal drugs found earlier in the week.

Lillington Police Chief Frank Powers said Shawn Thomas Mc-Gee, 33, of Lillington is in the Harnett County Jail with a bond of $900,000 after a live grenade was found at his Washington Street home during the second search. A simulator grenade was also found on the scene.

Officers were searching for additional drugs when the explosives were found.

Lillington officers originally filed charges agaisnt Mr. Mcgee when illegal drugs were found in several locations in his home, including hidden in the walls of the bathroom.

He now faces charges of possession of a weapon of mass destruction relating to the grenades that were discovered.

Large quantities of methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine and the opiate MDMA, were found at the house Chief Powers said explosive crews from Cumberland County were brought in to secure the weapons and place them in a secure location.

The investigation into Mr. McGee’s residence began Wednesday, when a 911 hang-up call came from the home. Operators could hear a disturbance in the background.

When they responded, officers found an unclothed woman who appeared to be the victim of an assault. Mr. McGee is also charged in that assault.

One hundred small plastic bags filled with drugs were found at the residence, along with 41 grams of methamphetamine, found inside a bathroom wall.

Mr. McGee had small packages of methamphetamine when the officers detained him.

The drug charges include possession with intent to sell and distribute methamphetamine, trafficking cocaine, possession with intent to sell and distribute schedule II narcotics and possession with intent to sell and deliver MDMA.

In addition, he faces misdemeanor counts of possession of marijuana, assault on a female, assault by pointing a weapon, maintaining a dwelling, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Though Mr. McGee is in jail, the investigation into the case continues. Chief Powers said there could be additional arrests.

Mr. McGee was scheduled to make an appearance in court this morning.

He also has a May 2 court date.




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