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Bargain hunters came from far and near, for two full days of searching for great deals and unique items.

With a game plan in place, shoppers were off looking and exploring all that the 301 Endless Yard Sale had to offer both Friday and Saturday. For those in search of collector items, this yard sale was something they could not afford to pass up. For anyone who enjoys a good yard sale, this yard sale was like walking into a candy store as a child.

The 301 Endless Yard Sale stretches along 100 miles and five counties — from Halifax to Harnett — along U.S. 301. Kathy Lang of Farmville and Toni House of Wilson were shopping along U.S. 301 in Dunn across from The Regency Friday when they came across items that Terry King of Rooster’s Country Store was selling.

“I’m not a morning person, so I like the fact that the Endless Yard Sale lasts all day,” Ms. Lang said.

From Winston-Salem, Mr. King offered an array of colorful metal art.

Both women said it is a time for them to catch up as friends along with doing what they both enjoy, going to yard sales.

Sharon Locklear and Shelia Woods, both from Pembroke, See 301, Page 3

The 301 Endless Yard Sale brought out bargain hunters Friday and Saturday from everywhere. From left, Kathy Lang of Farmville and Toni House of Wilson check out the colorful metal art a Winston-Salem man brought to Dunn to sell across from The Regency. The yard sale spanned five counties from Halifax to Harnett.

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were also at Terry King’s sale.

Ms. Locklear said what she loves about the Endless Yard Sale is “that you may drive for some time and not find anything, then you drive a few hundred feet and you find all kinds great items like we have here with such an array of colorful metal art.”

This is an annual event for them, one they never miss. This metal art that will jazz up any yard and have the neighbors talking seemed to be what many yard sale shoppers where in search of.

Mr. King has been taking part in the Endless Yard Sale for the past two years and said he’s thought about opening a business in Dunn.

The U.S. 301 Endless Yard Sale was birthed after a group of residents traveled to another yard sale of its kind. Known as the 127 Yard Sale, it is commonly referred to as the world’s longest yard sale. It runs 690 miles long and the travel route includes six states: Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama. Residents wanted to create the same concepts and formed the Endless Yard Sale along U.S. 301. This yard sale has proven to show economic impact in the area such as restaurants and hotels benefiting from the extra foot traffic of people who come to shop.

To help make the 301 Endless Yard sale a success, organizers work with NCDOT to set up a system along the route to track increased car volume in order to get an accurate count of how many people take part.



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