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What began as a report of an armed robbery ended with a Benson woman in jail last week.

The bizarre story began on June 23 when Megan Elizabeth Roberson, 26, of Benson reported to Benson Police the car she had been driving was taken from her at gunpoint by an acquaintance — it ended with her trying to get high on heroin one last time before going to jail.

Ms. Roberson’s brother initially told police after letting his sister borrow his car, she returned later and told him it had been stolen by a man she had provided with a ride to Burger King.

When they arrived, according to the police report, Ms. Roberson was told by her passenger he was taking her car.

After she went into the restaurant to use the restroom and get food, she returned because she had forgotten her money. That was when the man pointed a gun at her and drove off, she said.

Ms. Roberson, who was serving probation, called her brother multiple times to report the robbery.

Multiple attempts by police to contact her resulted in a refusal because she believed there were warrants for her arrest.

After reassuring her brother no such warrants existed, she indicated she would speak with officers later.

The story could have ended there, instead it took a strange turn when her father told police it was his car that had been taken.

On June 27, her father, who is a resident of Elm City, told police he See Arrest, Page 3

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wanted his car listed as stolen. Ms. Roberson identified the man who had taken the car to officers as Brenton James Moore.

Fast forward to June 29 when the car was recovered by Smithfield Police after a records check revealed the stolen status.

In the meantime, Ms. Roberson was arrested in Wake County and was being held in the Wake County Detention Center where she would later be interviewed by Benson Police detectives and would change her story. Changes that ultimately resulted in obstruction of justice charges.

It was during that interview she recanted her previous statement claiming the car was stolen.

She revealed to detectives Mr. Moore had accompanied her to the Days Inn, then allowed him to use the vehicle for a short period of time. She indicated he never returned the vehicle, according to the report.

Ms. Roberson claimed to make up her first account because she didn’t know what to tell her brother after the car wasn’t returned as promised.

In a subsequent interview with Benson detectives, Ms. Roberson explained she had went to the Days Inn on June 23 to “do business” with a friend who was staying in the motel.

As she was entering the motel, according to the arrest report, Mr. Moore asked if he could use the vehicle for half an hour. Apparently the two agreed he would return the car to her at Burger King, which wouldn’t happen.

After Ms. Roberson realized the car wasn’t being returned, she told police she decided to make up her original story to hide to the rest of her family where she had been when it was taken.

A warrant was issued for her arrest on the obstruction charges on July 10.

The story takes what is just as bizarre a twist when she was taken into custody the next day.

According to an additional report, Benson Police Detective Sgt. Danny Lucas went to Ms. Roberson’s residence to make the arrest only to find that she was not home, according to her brother.

Sgt. Lucas conducted a search of the residence to confirm she was not at home. After waiting a short time, Ms. Roberson arrived at the residence.

Attempts to get Ms. Roberson to answer the door resulted in the door opening and Sgt. Lucas finding her in the bathroom.

Officer Lindy Macon was summoned to the residence and went into the bathroom to join Ms. Roberson, who then exited the bathroom with blood coming from her arms and ligature marks on her arms. She would later admit to Officer Macon, Sgt. Lucas and Capt. Greg Percy, who was also on the scene, that she had failed in her attempt to inject heroin. But, she said she missed the vein and had to push the drugs out of her arm resulting in the blood. She explained she wanted to get high one more time before going to jail.

Adding to the incident, officers found syringes and packages of what later turned out to be small amounts of heroin on the bed.

Ms. Roberson now faces not only felony obstruction of justice charges, she also was charged with misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia.

She was booked into the Johnston County Detention Center on a total of $115,000 secured bond.



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