Are You Kidding Me? On Christmas


Here’s a newsflash for you, another corporate icon appears to be capitalizing on Christmas.

Without mentioning a specific brand name, I will tell you that one fast food chain restaurant in Overhills has decided they don’t make enough money the other 364 days of the year and have decided that being open for Christmas is a good idea and at least one of the clowns who pass burgers in the area will be open on the world’s most celebrated holiday.

Come on, really? Don’t you think we can go one day, just one day without a greasy heart attack in a paper bag. Just one day without fries with that over-advertised, over-hyped and completely overblown menu of the same modified and altered things.

Even some of the most moneyoriented capitalistic enterprises in America decide to shut down their operations for one day a year.

Our friendly bankers, retailers and railroad operators normally won’t open their doors until the day after Christmas.

They take into consideration how families are supposed to gather and enjoy the holiday together, not over a burger and fries with a yellow and red-dressed clown providing a holiday- flavored pie to go with the ham.

Nope, instead of waking up on Christmas morning and opening the presents you have been anticipating all these weeks, you can instead get in your car, go to the drive-through and grab a plastic cup filled with caffeine and a half-stale muffin filled with undercooked or overcooked eggs, half-melted cheese and a piece of sausage so tough it takes multiple attempts to keep the sandwich intact while you try to keep the grease from dripping on your elf suit and leotards.

Can’t we make corporate America take notice that just maybe you need to do some looking in the mirror.

Can’t we make corporate fast food America understand that not everybody wants fries with their Christmas ham or turkey.

Instead, shouldn’t they be making sure the employees who struggle through a day putting burgers on the grill, fish in the deep fryer and making sure the salt is completely covering the French fries have a little time when they don’t have to worry if they’ve done enough work for one day.

Even if you don’t take Christmas as serious as you should, or if you take it over the top, there are limits, at least as far as I’m concerned.

If you can’t give up one day’s profits to allow the people who keep you afloat to enjoy their time together with family, then why don’t you get out there and mind the store yourself while the workers are enjoying their families.

Bet the people who make the financial decisions won’t be working on Christmas. Nope, my guess is they’ll be at home watching their children open their presents and sharing the egg nog with their spouses. This while some are standing at the register listening to somebody complain because their coffee doesn’t have enough extra pumps of whatever it is they pump into coffee these days.

And if you are one of those who has been told you must work for the clowns on Christmas, you have my sympathy but I can guarantee you won’t get my order.

Rick Curl is a reporter with The Daily Record. Reach him at (910) 230-2037 or





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