Car Occupants Exchange Gunfire, Chase Ensues


A high-speed chase reaching speeds over 100 mph and involving two local police departments erupted following a report of gunshots at an area restaurant.

As a result, Bryon Jamique Shipman, 21, of Dunn is charged with felony fleeing to elude arrest.

The incident started when two Lillington officers at their station on Main Street thought they heard gunshots at the County Seat restaurant across the street.

They looked and saw people fleeing the restaurant and a red pickup leaving the CVS parking lot, next to the police station, at a high rate of speed.

Officers stopped the truck near the Cape Fear River bridge and the driver said he was fleeing the scene of the shooting.

Lillington officers then began pursuing another vehicle near Lillington’s big intersection. The vehicle was traveling at a high speed

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Shipman Chase

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toward Angier, reaching over 100 mph.

The vehicle was finally stopped by Angier Police officers when stop sticks were deployed near the Angier town limits. All four tires on the vehicle were flattened, but the pursuit continued down several side streets before the vehicle finally stopped.

Lillington Police Chief Frank Powers said the gun shots came from two cars in the area whose occupants were shooting at each other. One of the vehicles was the car stopped by the Angier Police Department.

The other vehicle involved in the shooting fled the scene and was not captured.

— Tom Woerner



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