Community Day Of Prayer Held In Newton Grove



The folks in the Town of Newton Grove and the surrounding area spent the day Feb. 27 in prayer. People from nearly 20 churches, of all denominations throughout the area, came together at Newton Grove United Methodist Church to pray for people who are hurting.

“This was one way to draw attention to the fact that God cares and desires that his people reach out in love one to another. Intercessory prayer is a way God calls us to love others,” responded one of the event planners.

An unofficial count of 77 people stopped in to pray on a day that began at 7 a.m. and ended at 7 p.m. The prayer list was assembled from names called in, emailed in and shared from area church prayer lists. It held the names of 324 hurting people.

The planning committee believed this Community Day of Prayer brought a sense of unity.

The day allowed the opportunity for everyone to pray collectively to a God of love, mercy and grace.

As each person entered to pray, they were offered a meditation prepared by Pastor Allison Lancaster of the Newton Grove/ Maple Grove UM churches. One message the meditation shared is that we are all just like earthen jars; simply made by the hands of our master Potter. Each are unique, but with Christ, each has within himself a reflection of Christ.

“The cross reminds us that, at the end of the day, nothing can separate us from God’s love. And the empty tomb reminds us that one day all suffering will be destroyed — once and for all. So, go ahead and claim the victory!”

proclaimed the words of the meditation.

That is just what the folks in the Newton Grove area did through this Community Day of Prayer — they claimed the victory for others and for themselves.

Seventeen churches were actively involved in the planning of the event. Several of the area pastors came to pray, but this day was mostly about the laity of the churches taking out a few minutes of one day to come, sit before the Cross of Christ, and pray for another suffering in some way. It was a very successful day.

Seated at prayer is Quenita Lee and at the altar is Greyson Lancaster.

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