Writing Down To My Soul


For many years writing has allowed me to support myself financially, but most importantly writing had stirred my soul and made my entire life more meaningful. With Spring’s “Rebirth” energy I get excited about sowing new seeds for the next phase of my creative work so I can feel that I am living up to my potential as an artistic person.

After 17 years of writing nostalgia columns I am enthusiastic about exploring fresh themes and developing innovative topics. For one thing writing about the past too much can keep me locked in my history and sometimes prevents me from moving forward into a more satisfying future. Ultimately my intention is to live in the present while sharing ideas and implementing strategies for generating a fulfilling life.

Every year I always reread a favorite inspirational book “The Artist’s Way, A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity,” written by Julia Cameron with Mark Bryan and published in 1992. Believing that original self-expression is the natural direction of life, the authors lead readers through a comprehensive 12-week program to recover their imagination from a variety of blocks, including limiting beliefs, fear, self-sabotage, guilt, addictions and jealousy.

Morning Pages Technique

The first step in “The Artist’s Way” program is to write by longhand three pages every morning — called “morning pages” — which involves spending a few minutes upon awakening to write down whatever is on our minds. The goal is to express oneself … it does not matter if we complain about taking out the trash or if we delve deep into universal truths.

This exercise allows the participant to dump junk out of the mind and to release trivia that is bogging down the brain. It is important not to judge the quality of the material no matter how bad because this is not literature but therapy!

The morning pages ritual opens up possibilities for exciting ideas and eventually makes writing habitual and ultimately stimulates the flow of imagination and inspires innovation.

Writing morning pages can encourage anyone in any avocation or vocation — whether a homemaker or business executive, an artist or attorney — to become more creative and gain clarity about their work and their lives.

In “The Artist’s Way,” Julia Cameron states: “These daily morning meanderings are not meant to be art. Or even writing. I stress that point to reassure nonwriters working with this book. Writing is simply one of the tools.”

Activating The Voice Within

Three years ago I searched for a motivating book that would feed my spirit and stimulate my writing. I found “Writing Down Your Soul: How to Activate and Listen to the Extraordinary Voice Within,” written by Janet Conner and published in 2008. Janet discovered the power of journaling in 1996 when she was threatened by domestic violence and desperately searching for a way out of her misery. She read “The Artist’s Way” and, like millions of others, realized the benefits of doing the morning pages every day.

For author Janet Conner writing three pages was not enough. She started scripting about 30 pages daily in the form of a letter to God she began to release negative energy and tune into her Higher Self. As Janet wrote every day she sensed that Spirit was actually responding to her and was revealing answers through her writing. The more time Janet spent writing the more she resolved the problems in her life and moved forward to forgiveness, healing, joy and ultimately deliverance from a traumatic situation. Eventually she discovered positive solutions to her overwhelming circumstances.

Through the years Janet shared her techniques with others through articles, classes and workshops. Eventually she wrote “Writing Down Your Soul: How to Activate and Listen to the Extraordinary Voice Within.” In the introduction she says nothing in this book “is intended to supplant or alter the practices you use or the beliefs you hold. Deep soul writing doesn’t replace anything; it enriches everything. Writing focuses your attention so clearly on the wisdom within that you cannot help but feel guided and loved.”

So I am looking forward to exploring the ideas from “Writing Down Your Soul” again, implementing exercises, digging deep inside myself, and writing down to my soul. Stay tuned for revelations!

AlexSandra Lett lives near Broadway and is the author of six books. See www.atimelessplace. com. She can be reached at (919) 499-8880 or LettsSetaSpell@aol. com.





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