Harnett County Business Education Partnership Connects With Students


• Students from all Harnett high schools participate in board meetings.

The Harnett County Business Education Partnership is a private, nonprofit organization made up of volunteers dedicated to helping students make informed educational and career decisions. This group of business leaders, educators and parents focuses on a variety of programs and resources. They work closely with Harnett County schools to design each one to contribute to the broad educational achievements of students.

The Partnership has worked with its partners to provide the following opportunities for students in Harnett County Schools: Job shadowing, workforce development curriculum presentations, community based learning opportunities, career awareness fairs, career exploration days, scholarships and more.

Each year, eight students representing the four Harnett County High Schools are invited to serve on the board. The following students have served on the board for the 2016-2017 school year: Kasey Everette and Alexis Gainey representing Harnett Central; Cassidy Summerlin and Isaiah Robinson representing Overhills; Megan Pope and Hannah Starling representing Triton; and Jessica Bowles and Tommy Swann representing Western Harnett.

“They give us insight on the successes of our programs and help us know when it is time to move in a different direction,” said Clint Stanley, president of the Partnership. “They also give us reports each month on many of the activities going on in their schools. It keeps us in touch with those we hope this Partnership is making a difference for.”

To find out more about the Partnership, visit their website at www.harnettbused.org. If you are interested in supporting or getting involved, contact Tammy Williams at (910) 892-4113 or Clint Stanley at (910) 891-1100, ext. 2207

Pictured left to right: Megan Pope, Hannah Starling,Tommy Swann, Kacey Everette, Alexis Gainey, Cassidy Summerlin and Isaiah Robinson. Not pictured Jessica Bowles

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