Dog Held Hostage in Break-In


Suspect escapes with $5.

A suspect in a breaking and entering case in Dunn held a victim’s dog hostage and escaped with a small amount of cash, according to Dunn

Police. Siannan Spears, who lives on Jackson Road in Dunn, told officers Larry Mc-Neill, 38, of Dunn broke into her residence Saturday.

She told officers Mr. McNeill pushed a window air conditioning unit into her home and climbed through the window after she refused to let him in her house.

Ms. Spears said she hit the suspect with a baseball bat as he came in her home. The suspect placed her in a bear hug and stole two phones to prevent her from calling 911, according to reports.

When she attempted to leave the residence, Mr. McNeill picked up her dog. He told Ms. Spears she “wasn’t going anywhere” or he said he would harm the dog.

She told him he could have anything in the house if he didn’t harm the dog. He took $5 from a change jar and left the residence at that time. He took the cellphones before leaving the premises.

After she called her phones, Mr. McNeill later returned both of them, as well as interfering with 911 communication, injury to personal property and assault on a female.

Mr. McNeill was charged with felony counts of breaking and entering, kidnapping and larceny after breaking and entering. He was held in the Harnett County Jail with bond set at $33,500.




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