Dunn Woman Becomes Internet Hit

• Viewed by millions.

Of The Record Staff

Celestine Williams loves to make people laugh, but had no idea that a video she would create would take the Internet by storm.

Ms. Williams, a 42-year-old single mother of five, made the video on New Year’s Day sitting in front of her home next to her mailbox waiting on her W-2 tax forms. The Sam Cook song released in 1964 “A Change Is Going To Come” is playing in the background.

The Dunn woman posted it on her Facebook page which can be found by searching Celeste Williams Channel 103 News. (The first name is different from hers.) It was seen by 4.9 million people there. From there, many others have shared it on multiple social media platforms where it was seen by millions and millions more. For example, earlier this week, according to BuzzFeed, 7.6 million people have viewed the video and it has been shared 220,000 times. It was even shared by Niecy Nash, comedian and actress.

Ms. Williams said she came up with the idea because of the upcoming tax season. During this time of year many people are looking for their W-2’s to arrive in the mail so they can get her income tax refund.

“I have been posting videos for some time now and also hoped that I would have a large response one day,” Ms. Williams said.

Ms. Williams said for the past couple of years she has been making videos of her works of comedy. Her work has never taken off like this before, however she welcomes the exposure. With so many people viewing her lastest project, she is hoping this will propel her to the next level. Ms. Williams wants to one day host a television show or a reality show.

Ms. Williams has never done any type of professional stand-up comedy. She says being funny comes natural for her. She said she realized in middle school she had a talent for laughter. She said she began filming her mother doing funny things around the house.

As people watch her latest video, she hopes it resonates with viewers that this is a real-life scenario.

“Life is hard at times. It has been a long time coming and finally a change is going to come,” Ms. Williams said. She said that through her challenges in life that there is a verse in the Bible, Galatians 6:9, she falls back on. “Be not weary in well doing for in due seasoning you shall reap if you faint not.”

Around town Ms. Williams is known as the 103 News Lady because of a video she made during the hurricane. In the video she can be seen going around town talking to people about being without power.




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