Doing Wrong Things

I am responding to the [April 4 Sound Off call, “Stop The Hate”]. I don’t understand how people can say the things they do about our ex-president. One thing you cannot say is that he was an ignorant man and be telling the truth. We’ve got a president who said his family wasn’t going to be helping him run the White House, but anybody’s who got eyes and has a TV and a radio knows he told a lie. And yet [the caller] said that he’s done more in four months than President Obama did in eight years. You’re right, he has. Just look, we’re about to go to war.

It’s Due Process

I had to chuckle at the comment regarding teacher tenure in [Sound Off, March 31, “End Tenure”]. [The caller has] no idea what tenure means as far as public education. Tenure simply means due process, the right to due process. In other words, you can’t be fired because somebody wants to put their nephew in your job. It doesn’t mean what that person seems to think it means. It simply protects you from unfair firing. You can be fired if you’re a teacher if you do many different things that are inappropriate or uncalled for. People just don’t have a clue sometimes.

Will Take Courage

Oh, yes, President Trump can clean up Washington, D.C., but it will take courage. And the Republicans nor the Democrats won’t like it because they like giving money back to their home for different projects amounting to nothing. There’s a lot of wasteful spending in Washington, D.C., and President Trump knows it. He’s a very smart man.

We Enjoy Column

I so appreciate Jackie Tart Tew’s column. She has so much common sense and it just speaks to so many of us. [The March 29] column on home remedies and, you know, how we can cut down on a lot of wasted spending. And [the April 5 column] on the political madness, our country’s turning upside down. Anyway, I just appreciate her column. Keep it up. We enjoy it.

GOP Will Hurt People

Part of GOP Congress and Trump are still bent on destroying Obamacare. Despite flaws, it can be improved. But the rich and ignorant don’t want this. Here’s what will happen and what they don’t want you to know and believe. Twenty million people will lose coverage and premiums will go up 30 percent; 30 million under Medicare and Medicaid will see their coverage decrease. Disability and Social Security benefits will decrease. Prescription costs will rise. This will certainly affect rural people and people of color and women. The GOP will make America sicker and more people will die sooner without health care.

Not A Politician

Why is it that when President Obama was in office you couldn’t get a Republican to say anything about him? But now they won’t give Donald Trump a chance. Why is that? No, he’s not a politician like Barack Obama and all of them, but he will tell you like it is. He won’t beat around the bush.

Dangerous Cities

Everybody’s got their nose bent out of shape on Syria where those children got killed, but you never hear the same people saying anything about the little children over here getting killed. Our children are just as important as those children are. … A child that you lose is a child that you lose. … Kids cannot even go out in the street without being killed and the mayors do nothing about it.

Turn TV Off

[A local television station] was asking people, “What do you think of Donald Trump striking Syria?” You know, that’s really news, isn’t it? They’ve got to dig up something to make news. … It’s only what suits their agenda. I’ve never believed in what Donald Trump says, but I do now. The news media only puts out what’s in their benefit and not what the public needs to hear. So cut the TV off.

No Point Arguing

In reference to the Friday, April 7, Sound Off call, “Makes No Sense.” I’m not about to argue about climate change. Clearly there’s no point, which is reflective in [the caller’s] words, but I will argue with what [was said], “Put some ice in a glass and see if it rises when the ice melts.” That’s not a good example. Put some ice outside of it and as it warms up it then falls into the glass (such as a glacier that is not in the ocean) and see if the water rises. There, now you have rising sea water.

They Deserve Award

I think the Erwin Elementary School cheerleaders should have got some kind of award. They should have gotten a medal or a trophy. They did such a good job cheering at the basketball game.

No Rights For Public

This is about United Airlines. I wonder if the crew had to pay for their [flight] or was it a free ride? Because if it was I think they ought to go with the public. And who wants to be taken off an airplane when they’ve bought a ticket for it? That’s the way it is, the public has no rights. And when you buy a ticket it doesn’t guarantee you [anything].

Twisting The Truth

About “Causing Chaos” [Sound Off call, April 11], yes, I watch some of the news but then I have to turn the channel because I can’t stand the way they twist and turn everything around. And the way the liberal media tells lies. And I think Trump has done a good job. He’s done better than Obama has and he’s a whole lot more honest.

Unfair To Trump

Do you not know that the news media is against Donald Trump? They’re going to twist everything they say. They will not tell the truth about Donald Trump. No, I don’t pay much attention to the news about him.



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