The Entitlement Society


One of the greatest things about having children is the fact that you never stop learning from them.

Out of the blue one of my kids will say or do a subtle thing that will give me inspiration or leave me shaking my head wondering where I went wrong. Just for the record, I have two amazing kids and I rarely find myself wondering where I went wrong.

Normally they just make me laugh as my youngest daughter, Sarah, did a few weeks back when she discovered the 3-month trial subscription of satellite radio on her car. Sarah is absolutely loving her satellite radio, she wonders how in the world she ever lived without this gift from the heavens. Problem is, despite the fact that Sarah loves satellite radio she doesn’t want to pay for it. When the free ride is over it’s good-bye satellite radio, hello NPR.

Little did she know she just provided me with inspiration in the fight against those friends of mine who continually try and convince me that health care is a basic human right.

I will be the first to admit when it comes to the entitlement debate people like me have absolutely lost the war. Like it or not, we have become an entitlement society and the brakes on this runaway train are totally shot. It’s simply a waste of time to cite the Constitution of the United States or merely suggest that someone read it.

You can’t really blame the American people for ignoring the Constitution, our elected officials only reference the Constitution when it fits a certain agenda. And our politicians seeking public office are in the business of selling government entitlements and government dependency as opposed to individual liberty and freedom.

Since I have readily admitted to losing the entitlement debate, let’s see what else besides health care we may be entitled to as a basic human right. As for me, I feel like I have earned the right to have a nice vacation home either on the coast or in the mountains. I don’t mean to be greedy, but I require a fully stocked bar, a big-screen television with the football package, of course, and a fully stocked beer fridge.

My children will no longer have to worry about college tuition because a free college education should also qualify as a basic human right.

My cellular telephone bill can finally go into the trash where it belongs, because surely you can’t expect me to pay for that. Lastly, my daughter gets to keep her satellite radio at no expense to her. After all, what kind of Banana Republic would deny a citizen free satellite radio?

As crazy as it sounds, our political class has created this entitlement monster and the effects on our ever so fragile society are starting to show the cracks.

In the past week alone I have witnessed public drug use, a parking lot brawl, young children who need a stern lesson on the definition of lewd behavior, and a total lack of respect for the men and woman of law enforcement. Not to mention the poor school teachers. How much respect do you think they get today?

If you truly wonder why your public school system is failing despite the fact that you spend billions every year, let me tell you the real truth. School teachers are educators, they are not animal tamers. Can you imagine what it must be like for the hardworking serious student to share a classroom with someone with a sense of entitlement who has absolutely no respect for law and order or a sense of pride in the nation they call home?

Let’s face it, people, America is still America, the greatest nation on earth, but we can do better and we all know it.

I realize the entitlement war is lost, but before I surrender I must share with you the words of the great Thomas Sowell. “No society ever thrived because it had a large and growing class of parasites living off those who produce.” Mr. Parker lives in Erwin. Contact him at




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