Hats Off

I just wanted to give recognition to the summer reading program that was taking place at Gentry Primary. This is my first time being able to work with a reading camp for the county of Harnett and I’m really, really excited about it. And I’m really impressed at the care, concern and accurate measures that this staff has for the students who have attended this camp. Thank you so much. Hats off to you, teachers.

Party Differences

I want you to look at the Democrats and the Republicans and the difference between them. The Democrats will nominate people for the Supreme Court and they go through with a breeze, but when the Republicans nominate somebody all the Democrats stick together. And they can’t get over that they lost the election.

Trump Is For Trump

Donald Trump’s son, his son-in-law and [Paul] Manafort, his former campaign chairman, all stated that they had never met with the Russians, but when the Washington Post came out with evidence that they had, all three of them came up and told the truth that, yes, they had met with the Russians. When are you people going to realize that Donald Trump and his people are trying to give our country to the Russians on a silver platter? People, wake up and smell the coffee. Trump is only for Trump.

Dislikes Media

I didn’t trust the media before the election year 2016. And after I’ve watched the way they did about Donald Trump and carrying on about Hillary Clinton all the time, like “she’s ahead, she’s ahead,” all the time, I trust them even worse now. And I don’t even trust them to give the correct approval rating for Donald Trump, but they don’t say anything about their own approval rating. It’s even lower than Donald Trump’s because people don’t trust the media. They don’t even like the media.

Don’t Spread Germs

Please cover your mouth when you sneeze and cough. Why would you want to spread your germs to someone else? Doctors and doctors’ assistants, please wash your hands between patients. Restaurant workers, please do not handle both money and food between hand washings.

The Lying King

Donald Trump is the undisputed lying king. Since his inauguration he has come out with some whoppers, starting with the fantasy that his inauguration crowd was the biggest ever. A lie. Trump claimed a “landslide” in the Electoral College. A lie. He accused Obama of wiretapping phones at Trump Tower. A lie. Donald Trump lied to his Republican base and thought they were so stupid they would believe it, according to Jared Kushner. He just knows Republicans are stupid, angry, and they’ll buy it.

Let People Decide

I was reading in the paper that the [Harnett County] board of education members voted to give themselves a raise and compensation for travel [article, Aug. 8, “School Board Members Get A Raise”]. Shouldn’t that be voted on by the people who voted them into the position?

Try Speed Bumps

To the drivers on St. Matthews Road in Erwin, slow down. The speed limit is not 50 mph. I understand it is often used as a cut-through, but have some respect for the people who live on this street. If the Erwin Police Department does not want to try and handle this, maybe a few speed bumps might do the trick.

Town Kept Deposit

We rented the community building in Erwin for a Saturday event. We picked up the keys that Friday. We happened to ride by Friday night and noticed … people there who had rented it for the Friday. We went in Saturday and had our event, cleaned up and turned the key in. We did not receive our deposit back because they claimed we left some trash in the sink and the floor was not mopped. But they never checked how the people on Friday left it. I feel that was wrong.

Changing Times

I saw on TV about the opioid overdoses. Well, when I was young you had to get out and work, but now you get to sit in the house and do nothing but take medicine. That’s what the society has come to.

Not Doing Job

I saw where these people have been caught without driver’s licenses and they weren’t given any time, just unsupervised probation. What’s wrong with our system? If you commit a crime, do the time. I don’t care if it is driving with no driver’s license. Look how many people you are endangering out on the road with no insurance. That’s why we have to carry that uninsured motorist insurance, because people aren’t doing their job.

Unwelcome Species

Why can’t we have control over these animals coming in here? You look at the fish, carp, that they’ve got in some rivers that jump in the air and they killed all the native species.

Where Was Meddling?

I hear so much about the Russians meddling in our elections. I don’t know where they meddle, they might have gotten some things off of Hillary’s emails. But, you know what? They’ve never denied that that was so.

Be Proud

I would like to say a big thank to the summer reading camp that was held at Gentry Primary in Erwin the past few weeks. The team that I was on did an exceptionally good job. And they were so enthusiastic and helpful and warm and professional as all could expect them to be. Thank you Harnett County teachers and staff for helping make my experience with the reading camp a great experience and I look forward to being a part of it again next year. Harnett County can really be proud of some of the resources that are offered to our students.



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