Erwin Mayor Re-Elected


• Turnout less than 5 percent.


Of The Record Staff

Erwin Mayor Patsy Carson won re-election Tuesday night despite a write-in candidate(s) receiving 28 percent of the vote. Just 142 out of 2,873 possible ballots were cast, or 4.94 percent.

It was reported that former Erwin Area Chamber of Commerce President Michael Jackson received most or all of the writein votes, but that could not be confirmed with the board of elections.

Harnett County Board of Elections Elections Director Claire Jones said the tallied results of the write-in ballots would not be official until Monday because those ballots were not tallied on site Tuesday night as they should have been.

A bi-partisan team will be at the board of elections in Lillington today to handle, tally and read aloud the write-in ballots for the Erwin mayoral election. That tally will not be official until Monday.

Chief Judge Opal Colville should have performed the count in Erwin, or appointed an assistant to do so. It was not discovered that this procedure was not met until the poll workers turned in supplies in Lillington.

Mayor Carson was “psyched up” and excited yesterday morning, but said she was “glad that the election is over.”

She expressed disappointment in the number of people who voted this year, saying she would like people to take more of an interest in local elections. She said people told her that they didn’t know much about the election, some saying they had no idea the vote was Tuesday.

“People need to be more involved and let us know what their concerns are. We can’t work on a problem if we don’t know what their concerns are,” she said. Although less than 5 percent of voters cast ballots in Erwin, Mayor Carson was appreciative to those who did show their support. “I thank everybody who came out and voted,” she said. “I will continue to work for all of the people of Erwin, like I have done in the past.”

The mayor said the town has plans to hold a November meeting with business owners and real estate agents.

“We want to see what we have, what we need and what is the plan,” she said.

While she continues to work as an insurance consultant, she is spending much less time at the office these days, and plans to attend more meetings in Raleigh and being more involved with county commissioners and the newly-formed Mayors Association.

She’s pushing for a new school on the existing Erwin Elementary site and supports the Erwin Police Department in its effort to rid the town of drug dealers.

“We want to clean up Erwin,” Mayor Carson said. “We’re just tired of the drug dealers coming into town and hurting our youth and families. We want to get the drug dealers out of Erwin.”

The mayor said Erwin Police are working with the Harnett County Sheriff’s Office and the Dunn Police Department.

“They have put forth an effort and are going at it in a different way,” she said. “I’m really proud of them.”

Three uncontested commissioners races ended up as expected, with the incumbents receiving 100 percent of the ballots.

Town of Erwin Ward 1 Commissioner Alvester L. McKoy received 14 votes. Ward 3 Commissioner Thurman Edward Whitman received 23 votes. Randy Lloyd Baker, ward 5 commission-




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