Sampson Woman Victim Of Hate Crime




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Vandals have struck a Sampson County woman’s vehicle several times in recent days including the most recent incident Saturday that left the name of the country’s president-elect emblazoned in red letters on her black SUV.

Diane Johnson, who lives near Greenpath Road outside Dunn, first found her Dodge fourdoor Journey damaged with a razor blade last Wednesday. She found more vandalism Sunday morning including the words Trump and initials KKK spray painted in several locations on her car. The paint is on both sides of the vehicle as well as on the front and back.

“It just makes me sick that someone would do something like this,” Ms. Johnson said. “Because of the anxiety it has caused I have not even been able to eat.”

Ms. Johnson, who works in Lillington, said though she is one of the only African-Americans in her neighborhood, does not believe the cul- See Hate Crime, Page 3

Diane Johnson awoke last week to find her SUV keyed.This weekend she found it spray painted in red the words KKK and Trump in multiple locations. Sampson County investigators labeled it as a hate crime which automatically called in the SBI.

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prits are her neighbors.

“I know my neighbors and they are good people,” Ms. Johnson said.

She also said she does not have enemies that would purposefully damage her belongings.

“I am good to people and I don’t have enemies,” Ms. Johnson said. “I think this happened because of the election.”

She said she is installing security cameras at her home in an effort to catch anyone who might attempt to vandalize her property again.

“I just want to know who did it so the police can get them,” Ms. Johnson said.

Sampson County Sheriff Jimmy Thornton said his office is taking the incident seriously.

“The officers investigating the case automatically labeled it as a hate crime,” Sheriff Thornton said. “That means the SBI was automatically notified.”

The SBI will be assisted by Sampson County investigators. He said there are no suspects.

“She stated there were not witnesses so we don’t know much at this point,” Sheriff Thornton said.

The incident comes as groups around the country protest the election of Mr. Trump.

If anyone has information on the incident, contact the Sampson County Sheriff’s Office at (910) 592-4141.




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