Meth Lab Found In Erwin


Erwin Police is investigating a meth lab found Tuesday at 303 S. 18th St.

Interim Police Chief Jonathon Johnson said his department received a call at 9:30 a.m. about the lab.

It was reported the meth lab was in a barn located in the back yard of the home. A search of the barn was under way. Two men wearing all-white protective gear could be seen along with members of the fire department going into the barn. Erwin Police had the street blocked off, allowing no one to enter. Yellow crime-scene tape was place around the home.

No arrests were immediately made. Erwin Police continue to investigate.

Police say that if you see a meth lab or meth production call 911. Do not examine or investigate it yourself. The odor of an active met lab may smell like paint thinner or a sour vinegar smell.

— Melody Brown-Peyton

Two men wearing protective gear walk toward where the meth lab was located at 303 S. 18th St., Erwin

Daily Record Photo Melody Brown-Peyton



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