Coats PD Arrest Pair In Break-In Spree


Coats Police have arrested two men they believe are responsible for 14 car break-ins in the area. Coats Police Lt. Ken Storicks said Zacharie Michael Kauffeld, 18, of W. K Street, Erwin, and Robert Drey Ennis, 19, of South Carrie Street, Coats, are now charged in break-ins that occurred within the town limits of Coats. The pair was arrested after being seen walking in an area where a neighbor complained about a light being on inside his vehicle. The complaint, in an area near Durane Street, came in late Tuesday and the pair was arrested Wednesday. Several of the other break-ins occurred in the same vicinity.

Both suspects later confessed to the crimes and several stolen items were found in their possession, Lt. Storicks said.

All of the break-ins involved cars that were unlocked at the time of the thefts.

According to Lt. Storicks, the pair stole assorted items including cash, sunglasses, loose change and several weapons including knives and one firearm.

Mr. Kauffeld and Mr. Ennis are charged with multiple counts of injury to personal property breaking and entering a motor vehicle. Mr. Ennis is also charged with posession of marijuana.

In addition to the recent car break-ins in Coats, the pair confessed in several other earlier cases, according to Lt. Storicks.

The bond for both suspects was set at $10,000 each.

Both made their first appearances in court Thursday.

Erwin Interim Police Chief Jonathan Johnson said the pair could be involved in several similar cases there.

“We are looking into several similar cases here to see if they might be involved,” Chief Johnson said.

— Tom Woerner




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