Here’s A Chance For Third-Graders To Grow Over-sized Cabbages

Registration being held for Bonnie Plants program.

Vegetable gardening teaches kids where food comes from, healthy eating and gets them outdoors, engaging with nature. A great way to get kids started in the garden is the National Bonnie Plants Third Grade Cabbage Program, it’s free to any third-grade classroom in the country and third-grade teachers can register now at http:// bonniecabbageprogram. com/ for the 2018 program.

Bonnie Plants trucks 2-inch cabbage plants to every thirdgrade classroom in the country, in spring, whose teachers have registered online for the program.

In 1996, Bonnie Plants initiated the Third Grade Cabbage Program in and around its headquarters in Union Springs, Ala. By 2002 the program included participation in the 48 contiguous states with more than a million children growing huge cabbages in their own backyards.

Teachers distribute the 2-inch cabbage plants Bonnie delivers, with instructions, provided by Bonnie, to students to carry home and grow. At the end of the growing season, teachers select a class winner based on size, appearance and maturity and that submission is entered in a statewide scholarship drawing. The 48 state winners are randomly selected by each state’s Department of Agriculture, and Bonnie Plants awards a $1,000 scholarship for education to one student in each state.

Why a cabbage? Cabbages were the first successful crop sold by Bonnie in 1918. The cabbages used for the Third Grade Program are OS Cross (Oversized), which is known for producing giant, oversized heads, making the process even more exciting for kids. The biggest cabbage grown in the contest, to date, weighed in at 75 pounds.

For more information on the Bonnie Plants Cabbage Program, visit www.bonnieplants. com



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