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It’s Not Even Halloween

It’s time to forget our differences and band together to fight a common enemy.

No, I’m not talking about some corporate conglomerate that’s spoiling the drinking water for dozens of swans sitting in a canal somewhere.

Nor am I talking about some new threat to our society as a whole, rather one that has been commonplace for so long now that we hardly offer up more than a glance when we witness its silent, slow attack on our souls.

I’m talking about the displays that are already telling us it’s almost Christmas. Yes, that evil side of the Happiest Time of The Year — marketing toward us before even Halloween has been put in the books.

It seems like every year the marketing of Christmas begins earlier and earlier. Take this year, for example. I have already begun to see displays of the commercialization of Christmas creeping across our collective world.

Before the first Halloween candy is handed out to some strange creature that lurks just outside the door, or the first smell of turkey in the oven on Thanksgiving has filtered through our noses, we are being told it’s time to buy a Christmas tree, ornaments and wrapping paper.

Is there no justice? Can we not first enjoy the benefits of a Thanksgiving turkey and all the trimmings before we begin the annual search for the perfect gift?

I realize that corporate greed has usurped Santa Claus as the modern day symbol of Christmas, but come on, let us have some room to gather our thoughts and be thankful before we begin searching for the ideal gift to give to the neighbor who we would just as soon not even wave at as he climbs on his roof to install his UFOrepelling doo-dad.

Can we not have a few more days of normalcy before we start trying to keep the kids out of the presents and the cat from climbing the tree as the dog slides into the tree skirt ahead of crashing into the stack of presents beneath the tree, causing the kids to scatter as the impact looms?

Here’s a word to the retailers of the world. If you see me coming into the store, immediately place a sentry at the edge of the Christmas section. For I am on a campaign to stand and tell my fellow shoppers of the danger that lies just ahead. A danger of being taken in by the corporate hordes of marketing maniacs who intend to corrupt our souls and pocketbooks one more time.

Well, I certainly hope you will heed my warning at least until Nov. 24 when once again the Black Friday phenomena takes over our collective souls.

In the meantime, stand your ground, resist and don’t become a part of the evil that lurks just beyond the health and beauty aids aisle. Instead, shift your focus to more meaningful and timely areas such as getting your oil changed or buying the loaf of bread and jar of peanut butter you were there for in the first place.

Don’t be distracted by the decorations and lights that seem to be calling your name from just beyond the clearance wall.

Remember, if we all stand together we can make it hold off until after we wake up on Thanksgiving night wondering, “Why did I have that fourth helping of turkey breast and gravy?”

Rick Curl is a reporter with The Daily Record. Reach him at (910) 230-2037 or





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