Public Packs Boundary Line Meeting

• Survey group finds lines not right on Harnett, Wake, Chatham borders.
Daily Record Photo/Shaun Savarese – Harnett County resident Vernon Howell was among 81 names on the sign-in register for Tuesday night’s county boundary line meeting. Nearly 100 Harnett, Wake and Chatham county residents filled up the Northwest Harnett Fire Department ready with questions for their respective administrations. Representatives of Harnett County Emergency Services, Tax Administration, Information Technology, GIS and Harnett County Schools were all present, as well as several department heads from both Wake and Chatham counties.

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A public meeting was held Tuesday night for residents affected by the proposed changes to the boundaries between Harnett, Wake and Chatham counties.

More than 70 people attended the information session at Northwest Harnett Fire Department, not including more than a dozen department heads from the three counties.

An effort to correct the boundaries between the counties may affect several dozen properties located on their borders. The changes may mean that some properties currently in one county will be in another county, or that some properties will be split between two counties.

North Carolina Geodetic Survey identified the original point where the three counties meet. That point had previously been misidentified. N.C. Geodetic Survey is a state agency within the Department of Public Safety.

Leaving the boundaries unresolved could create confusion regarding tax assessments, emergency services, property deeds, voting districts, zoning categories and assigned school districts.

For these reasons, the governing bodies of all three counties are taking action to support the introduction of state legislation to restore the correct boundaries between the three counties.

Potential impacts related to these boundary corrections could include changes to property tax and fire tax rates, tax values, zoning, public utilities, deeds and emergency response.

The 2017 Harnett County property tax rate is 75 cents per $100 property valuation. The current Wake County rate is 61.5 cents per $100 valuation. Chatham County’s is 62.8 cents per $100 valuation.

The three counties have met three times since April and following last night’s public meeting, the next step is for the three counties to draft a joint resolution and present it to state legislators in early January.

The administrations hope their legislation recognizing the official corner between the three counties will be approved by May. The counties expect to have the new, correct boundary lines updated by August.

Harnett County G.I.S. Director Clint Williams credited the work and research of N.C. Geodetic Survey for finding the original county corner.

Records dating back to 1780 and a deed recorded in 1923 mentioned a rock pile with an iron pipe as the point where the counties meet. The current boundary, adopted by Wake and Chatham counties in 1961, did not adhere to the original description.

According to Chatham County Assistant Tax Administrator Karen Jones and Deputy County Manager Vicki McConnell, 15 parcels are proposed to go from Harnett County to Chatham County. Five parcels are proposed to go from Chatham to Harnett County. The redistricting would not affect any school age children, they said.

Harnett County Schools Director of Transportation Uriah Parker said the proposed county boundary line change will not affect any children currently enrolled in the county school system.

Representatives from Harnett County Emergency Services do not expect the change to impact fire or emergency, response times. In an emergency units from all three counties normally respond in mutual aid.

Anyone with questions should contact Harnett County G.I.S. at (910) 893-7523. To view the proposed lines, visit https://gis.harnett. org/ncgscountyboundary/.




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