Thanks For Dunn’s Hospitality

To the editor:

On Sunday, Nov. 19, when my wife, Deb, and I planned an overnight stay in Dunn, she was struck with a sudden and severe illness. Following an emergency room visit and a difficult five-day hospital stay, she became well enough to travel again.

I write this letter because we came away deeply impressed with the good people of Dunn. From the doctors, nurses, clerical and cleaning staff of Betsy Johnson Hospital, to the manager and staff of the Baymont Inn, to the pharmacy clerks and the various others we had the pleasure of meeting, we were treated most hospitably and generously.

Our holiday was spent in the hospital. We “caught up” with our family afterwards. AND God provided a rainbow just before the end of our long drive!

Dunn’s hospitality and simple friendship will be forever cherished, and not just at Thanksgiving. We hope to cross paths again.

Mike (and Deb) Murnock Girard, Pa.

A Salute To Shawtown High School

To the editor:

From 1934 until 1968, look how many students were able to graduate from this little country school in Lillington, N.C., where education was everything but minor, from the first grade all the way through the 12th, teachers cared about your appearance, grades, religion and your health.

This school was the other house where you spent a lot of time because the teachers wanted to develop your soul, body and mind. They cared about your family, your everyday life and were willing to try and help in times of pain and strife, but when you decided to do something wrong, you got punished at school the same as you would at home.

They used the rod to save the child from living a destructive lifestyle. And if your grades weren’t good enough for you to pass, then you repeated that grade with no questions asked.

The teacher was a big part of the neighborhood and always wanted to help in any way he or she could. We, as students, thought sometimes the teachers were just plain mean, but it was because the parents and teachers were on the same team.

The school and the community, like any other family, had their ups and downs, but this was one blessed school in this little country town.

The old school is now nonoperational in any way, but it will always be remembered from back in the day.

I, for one, want to say thank you to all the dedicated teachers who worked so hard to help me graduate and stand with so much pride way back in June of 1965. And as I look back sometimes, I just have to cry because there will never be another good old Shawtown High.

Tommy McLean Lillington

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