Sanity, Patriotism And Morality


I love getting feedback from the columns I write. I take the good with the bad and have learned to live with the comparisons to the columns of my father, which I take as a form of flattery. A few days ago, I got some much-needed constructive criticism from my friend and loyal reader Hank who advised me to stop watering down this column, don’t soft-peddle, and defend the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms in the spirit of your old man who never shied away from the controversy of defending his convictions. Hank, my friend, kick back in the old recliner, open a bag of popcorn and I will throw you some red meat.

Like always, whenever we experience an act of senseless violence from a deranged lunatic in America, the American political class and the American media jump on the political bandwagon of assaulting the Second Amendment with calls for stricter gun control laws. While I understand politicians are in the business of politics and some politicians honestly believe in the cause, you must understand you cannot legislate sanity, morality, or patriotism.

No American citizen wishes to see a mad lunatic in possession of a weapon of mass destruction, myself included. As a nation we do everything in our power to restrict access to firearms to people we deem to be mentally unstable or criminal. Problem is, we can never know when or if that reasonable, responsible gun owner becomes radicalized or loses his grip on reality.

Insanity is not a crime in America, nor will it ever be. We already have laws on the books against the crime of murder and yet the American people see this crime committed daily. While no one can deny gun violence is a problem in America, the solution is not as simple as more centralized government control. If gun control was the answer to insanity and criminal behavior, then Chicago would be the safest city in America and not a hotbed of inner city violence.

Like many Americans, I don’t pretend to have all the answers. I cannot wrap my mind around the senseless acts of violence gripping America or speculate if the violence will ever end. But I don’t believe the solution will ever be found inside the confines of Washington D.C.

For decades we have attempted to legislate human behavior through various gun and drug laws. We pass laws to protect the sanctity of marriage yet adultery is still the leading cause of divorce in America. We pass laws to protect the life of the unborn child yet we continue to see thousands of pregnancies terminated each year. We are a proud, flag-waving patriotic people who crave liberty and freedom, yet we have people living among us who hate the America we love and seek to destroy the very foundation of freedom our ancestors fought and died to preserve.

To all the gun-control screaming politicians in Washington who wish to disarm the American people in the name of feel-good legislation, we would like to know the answer to these basic questions.

Let’s hear your plan to legislate the sanity of the radicalized lunatic who hates America so much that he’s willing to ambush thousands of innocent civilians with a rifle, an airplane, or a moving vehicle.

Do you have a plan to combat the lack of patriotism in America from radicals who proudly display communist flags while burning the American flag? Or do you still consider these people freedom fighting revolutionaries?

Let’s hear your plan to combat the lack of morality in America or the swamp where you make a living. Yes, that’s right, clean up your own house before you enter mine or the homes of all patriotic Americans who have long ago lost faith in your ability to legislate sanity, patriotism, and morality.

Just as a nuclear weapon in the hands of a sane rational government is a deterrent to armed conflict, the firearm in the hands of a sane and rational gun owner is our only deterrent to the insanity of evil for which Washington simply has no legislative answer. Mr. Parker lives in Erwin. Contact him at




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