Scam Alert

Erwin Police Lt. Clark Wilkes is warning residents in Erwin and beyond that there are several scams going on right now.

“We have some residents in town who’ve got things in the mail claiming it’s from Dr. Pepper,” he said.

The residents are sent a check, told to deposit it and then instructed to return a portion of the money.

“If they receive anything from Dr. Pepper, it’s a scam,” Lt. Wilkes said.

The same scenario is happening with Publishers Clearing House, even though the people who are being notified they won did not enter the sweepstakes. Also, he said, there are callers saying they are representatives of the IRS and if the person doesn’t send money, a warrant will be issued for their arrest.

“If they feel uncertain, contact local authorities. More than likely, it’s going to be a scam,” Lt. Wilkes said.



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