I saw where the NFL football players protested by sitting out the national anthem or linking arms but not wanting to stand for our national anthem. That is so disrespectful to our country and our flag. We are the best nation in the world to live in. If they don’t believe that, just go live in North Korea for a while. This is the best country in the world no matter what our faults and flaws are.

Thanks To Deputy

Thank you to the Harnett County Sheriff’s Department deputy for helping with the a situation at Lafayette Elementary School. Thank you. Thank you.

Made No Difference

On the news it showed that Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is announcing that the Russians bought thousands of ads promoting Donald Trump and downing Hillary Clinton. I do not even care about that. If they bought millions of ads I still would have voted for Trump. Those ads did not make a hill of beans of a difference.

Too Fast

Why does the Angier Police Department feel it is necessary to run extremely fast right through the middle of town where it’s 35 mph just to go to a house and stop and stand outside. It didn’t appear to be a real emergency.

Let Them Stay

I have a problem with people wanting to send young kids back to another country even though they were born there. If they’re here and they’re trying to get an education and they’re trying to get their lives together I don’t see why they need to go back. We have good people and bad people everywhere, black, white, Hispanic, Indian, whatever, any denomination. It’s a free country. God loves us all. He made this world for everybody and they should be able to stay. And forgiveness, we should forgive people, any race of people, because God forgives us each and every day.

A New Local Draw?

You need to get a “running of the pigs” like Spain’s “running of the bulls.” It would make you nationally known and local businesses a lot of money.

Not Listening

I was listening to the Democrats about repealing Obamacare, that it was better to keep Obamacare. Evidently they’re not listening to people who I know out here, their premiums have doubled and quadrupled plus their deductibles have gone through the roof since Obamacare. The only people who like Obamacare are the ones who are getting subsidies or are able to get on Medicaid.

Watch Them

Is there any way that the health department or Raleigh or wherever could put cameras in doctors’ offices?

Not Visiting

Good morning. It’s Sunday morning. I’m getting ready to go to church. The church that I attend, the preachers and the ministers and the members always preach and tell you to visit the sick and shut-in. Well, I’ve been sick and shut-in for quite some time and no one has even called to say, “Hey dog, how are you doing?”

Slow Down

This is to the drivers who are using Sheriff Johnson Road. You come speeding down Sheriff Johnson Road, twice pulling into my driveway, I was almost rear-ended so bad that the person behind me actually swerved to the other side of the road. Slow down. You never know, there could be children in there and you don’t know the lives you are putting at risk.

Look First

This is to Campbell University students. When you go to cross at the roundabout, look. Many times when you go there you walk straight across without even looking.

Below Sorry

Everybody keeps talking about President Trump being sorry. President Trump being sorry. I disagree. I totally disagree with that. He’s got to get better than what he is to get to be sorry. Sorry is not the word for Trump.

Put Life On Line

Any of you … who have a problem with Sen. John McCain’s vote on health care, I would like to ask you this question. During the Vietnam War where were you? Where was your father? Where was your uncle? Where was your grandfather? Sen. John Mc-Cain was over there putting his life on the line. He was a prisoner of war for over five years. He put his life where your mouth is. Where was our socalled president? He was here hiding behind his father’s money with some made-up illness.

Not Questioned

Thank you Daily Record for reporting that valedictorians and salutatorians are a thing of the past for high school graduations [article, Sept. 26, “Valedictorian, Salutatorian Voted Out”]. However, how did Harnett County do this? Was the public notified? I have students in Harnett County and I don’t remember being notified or asked my opinion about these changes.

Activist Speaker

Why did … Campbell University allow an activist, Lawrence Ross, to speak at Campbell on Sept. 26?… As a parent of a Campbell student I can easily next year send my child somewhere else just like parents at the University of Missouri are sending their children somewhere else after that university caved to liberal activism. Norman Wiggins would be turning in his grave.

Caller’s Concern

[In response to the Sept. 15 Sound Off call, “Smaller Cans” which blamed former First Lady Michelle Obama for soft drink companies offering 7.5-ounce cans in addition to the more common 12-ounce cans.] That part is probably true, but she didn’t recognize that people need the small drinks in caffeine-free. So, that’s what my concern was about.



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