Cost Shifting

I just heard that the insurance on your car is going up anywhere from 5 to 10 percent because of all the accidents other people are having. We already have to pay uninsured motorist insurance and underinsured motorist insurance in case we get in a wreck and somebody doesn’t have any insurance. What needs to happen is all these people out there who have nothing on their car except liability insurance, they need to have at least a $50,000 limit on it because cars are more costly these days.

No Basis

I just saw a program on [a local television station] about global warming and how it’s affecting the coast and how they said by the end of the century Hatteras will be no more, it will be underwater. What I’d like to say is these scientists can say this and that but they have no basis for it; they can make up things.

Another Idea

The new Interstate 95 work to be done looks like a complete mess to me [article, Oct. 26, “Big Changes For I-95”]. It’s going to cause a lot of congestion. It’s going to back up traffic for two or three years after they start it. It’s going to be disastrous. Why do they not build an I-95 bypass like they did in Fayetteville? Like they did on U.S. 40 in Winston-Salem. Like they did on I-85 in Greensboro. Like they did on U.S. 70 in Garner and going to Clayton, the bypass in Clayton. Why don’t they do that? There would be no traffic to contend with while they do their work.

‘Terrible Message’

I’m calling in reference to the [Harnett County] Board of Education deciding there will be no more valedictorians and salutatorians [article, Sept. 26, “Valedictorian, Salutatorian Voted Out”]. As a former Harnett County valedictorian I was really upset and appalled by that decision. It’s bad enough growing up in a place where you were continually berated for being intelligent, called “Egghead” and “Einstein.” And to take away the one shining moment that one finally has when you get to stand up and make a speech on graduation night I think is a terrible travesty. It gives such a terrible message to those of us who were scholars who did work hard.

More Transportation

We need more senior citizen transportation that can take us shopping and things of that nature. We need more stores so that the ladies can buy stockings and things of that nature in Downtown Dunn. We pay our taxes and we would like some service. We don’t have cab services or bus service. Please, please get us some transportation.

Not Fair

I want to comment on “Facilities Not Used” [Sound Off call, Oct. 27]. I want to agree with whoever made that statement about the Harnett County Social Services Department. I almost got broke up trying to get there to pay the bills for the way they handle this thing, with the people standing in line or don’t have any order to how these people got helped. Senior citizens, I saw a lady in a wheelchair get knocked over. But they want to build another Social Services building? That’s not fair to the citizens who pay these taxes on these buildings and then have to be treated like that.

One Day Of Peace

Hunters can hunt seven days a week? God only asks for one day. Can we not have one day of peace without having to deal with the hunters? They don’t own an acre of land. All they own is what their house is sitting on, but they want to come to posted land that you own and they run their dogs and they sit out at the road and shoot from the road, they spotlight at night and things like that.

Get Started

I wonder why the state can’t be working on Rhode’s Pond and cleaning that mess up. All the trees and the debris that’s right there at the road on U.S. 301 and the ditches. Looks to me like before the winter comes they could be cleaning that mess up. Because there’s a lot there to do. They’re supposed to start it in January, but, I tell you, right now would be a beautiful time to get that mess cleaned up. It looks bad.


They need to change the slogan “Home of the Brave,” to “Home of the Offended.” Look at the statues, it offends someone. Look at prayer in school, it offends someone. Look at the pastor in South Carolina [at a church where a sign] said “Work Harder Millions on Welfare Depend On You.”

No Help

They’re talking on TV about the tax cuts and who it’s going to affect and everything. Well, what about senior citizens? A lot of us don’t file an income tax return because we don’t get enough to file in the first place and we can’t draw anything from food stamps or anything else because we make a little bit too much money. We can’t get help from Medicaid with our medicine and stuff, we make a little too much money. But they don’t seem to realize that every time we get a little raise they go up that much or more on Medicare Part B, so we never get a raise.

No Punishment

People are doing things because they don’t get punished for it. Look at the guy who set the tree on fire up in Chapel Hill. They won’t get punished for that. Maybe community service. That’s a slick way of getting people off of whatever they’ve done.


I can’t believe how that judge for [Bowe] Bergdahl has found that he’s served enough time and doesn’t need a prison sentence. Look at the men who got hurt going after him, you know to try to bring him back. But, no, your actions have no consequences because you can do anything now and they’ll pat you on the hand and slap you on the back and congratulate you.



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