Looking Back

Things have really changed in Dunn. Does anybody remember the old charcoal-grilled hamburgers sold over near the old Open Air Market? And do they remember the Open Air Market? And how about the Easter egg hunt they used to have over at Roses? One time they had Robin of “Bat Man” come down there and it was cold as the devil that day. And Robin had on tights and he about froze to death. Does anybody remember the old Weeks Flower Shop that was beside the road there and Roses was behind it?

Thanks For Column

Thank you for again letting us hear from the master, Hoover Adams, [column reprinted on Dec. 22] “The Meaning of Christmas.” I agree with him 100 percent. I miss reading his editorials from time to time, but he’s in a better place. Hopefully we’re trying to get there. Thank you, Bart, for printing that. Thank you very much.

Favoring Taxes

Boy, the Democrats are complaining about the tax cut, aren’t they? Now they’re wanting to go up on the gasoline tax so they can get money. There isn’t but one way the Democrats know. Not for people to tighten their belts, but to go up on taxes.

Too Few Doctors

I’m concerned as to why the town of Dunn can’t keep good doctors. [Many are] PA’s [physicians assistants] now. And I’m not able to go out of town to find a doctor and I would appreciate this being a concern of the public.

‘Ungodly’ Party

The Democrats have said that lie about it’s all for the rich so long that nobody believes that anymore. I didn’t believe it to start with. They’re wrong about taxes, but they’re wrong about anything that’s good for America. And worst of all, above that, they are so ungodly. Anything goes as long as it’s a Democrat. It doesn’t matter what they believe, doesn’t matter anything as long as they are a Democrat. They’re going to want the Democrat no matter how ungodly. And remember, they took God and Israel out of the Democratic Convention.

Traffic Concern

I’m a concerned citizen of Du Bois Circle. It has traffic coming from that area and going in the area and they’re not yielding when they get ready to cross East Vance Street and it’s an intersection. Looking forward to seeing a major accident there if no one calls it to the police’s attention. … No one stops for the yield sign. We’d like for someone to address this, please.

It’s Normal

Every year the news media, on the news, newspapers, “Global warming, global warming. We need to do something about that.” And then when winter really gets here, “Record low temperatures, record low temperatures. That’s the lowest it’s been. We’ve got record low temperatures.” Global warming is a bunch of bunk. It’s something that the news media does. It’s not true, people. It’s not true. It’s cold. It’s cold. That’s it. It’s wintertime, people. It’s wintertime. And then summertime is coming on. It’s normal.

‘Awesome’ Column

[The Jan. 8 Editorial Page column] “A Snow Day Story” by Shaun Saverese was just awesome. And the cartoon was absolutely spot on. I’d like to see more of his columns, the way he writes, it really lifts you up. I love my paper. I’ve been taking it for years.

Come And Learn

I am so sick and tired of all these women who are in politics, celebrities, whatnot, hollering sexual harassment from 10 or 20 years ago. They need to come down here and let these good North Carolina redneck girls show them what to do if a man sexually harasses them or makes unwanted advances. [Those men] might be missing a few teeth after they do that. Let the redneck gals show them what to do.

Let’s Be Thankful

The other day I took my wife a hamburger and some fries at a nursing home and this man in there, an older man, said, “You brought that for me.” I said, “No, sir. For my wife.” He said, “Dagone, I sure could eat one.” I said, “Well, tomorrow when I come back I’ll bring you one.” So the next day I went back and I took him one and the man was tickled to death, and I thought to myself, “We take everything for granted.”

Great Food

I want to make a comment on [an area restaurant]. Their barbecue is so good you can eat it every day, but they need to chop it up a little bit finer for us old folks who don’t hardly have any teeth. And their chicken, slaw, potato salad and hushpuppies are out of this world. I could eat it every day.

Weather Not Crazy

Those of you who say this weather is so stupid or crazy have got to be stupid and crazy yourselves to call God’s work stupid. I’d be scared to do that.

Use Headlights

This is a question for those of you who drive after it gets dark with no lights on. How do you think you’ll feel after you’ve caused an accident that causes the death of an innocent human being? No lights on in the dark is not cool.

Shelter Not Full

I was just talking with somebody who was in the rescue shelter. They said it wasn’t full. Could you do a story on that? Why isn’t it full if we have 750 homeless people in Harnett County during this extreme cold weather? Do we have some group that goes around and helps get them and picks them up like they do in Fayetteville and brings them inside from the cold?



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