Tar Heel Editors Speak Out

Veterans Day is Saturday. We hope you will find a way to observe the holiday. There certainly are plenty of options. …

Americans have learned the lesson of the Vietnam War, thankfully, and people these days don’t generally hold military service members in low regard.

They’ve learned that regardless of one’s political views of war, the average soldier, sailor, airman or Marine is not the person setting policy.

Instead, they are the ones following orders, doing the dirty work and, of course, paying the biggest price for their service. …

So we hope you will do your part this weekend. Attend an event. But do more than that. Find a veteran in the crowd at the event you attend and take the time to introduce yourself and talk to the veteran about their experience and why they chose to serve.

And, as we’ve all learned, be sure to say thank you.

— The Courier-Times, Roxboro

An important story erupted [last], but all the alphabet TV networks ignored it on their evening news. …

Donna Brazile, former interim executive director of the Democratic National Committee, revealed that President Barack Obama cleaned the Democratic Party out of all its funds, leaving it $24 million in debt, that former party chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, totally beholden to Hillary Clinton, was incompetent and lazy, and Mrs. Clinton rigged her party’s nomination, robbing Sen. Bernie Sanders of any chance whatsoever of securing it. …

No wonder the Democrat media, which has fallen so far so quickly, is trying to put on a brave face and doesn’t want to report any of this.

— Carteret County News-Times

It seems sad but somehow appropriate that a local election is almost ignored in the same week that Veterans Day creeps up almost without notice and certainly without due fanfare. In both cases, the lack of attention reflects a lack of appreciation for what self-government and selfsacrifice represent. … Veterans Day … now comes every Nov. 11 to honor all veterans, living and dead, who have served their country. … Their service has kept this country free, protected us from invasion and harm, and made America the leader of the Free World. When more Americans served, though, more Americans were aware and appreciative of what veterans accomplished. Under the all-volunteer army, unfortunately, fewer Americans are involved with the military and do not fully understand the sacrifice our men and women make as they fight conflicts around the world on America’s behalf.

On Saturday, tell a veteran “thank you,” in person or standing at their grave. And next election, exercise the freedom our veterans make possible by taking time to vote.

— Spring Hope Enterprise



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