Kids speak at little ivy league learning center

If you could change anything about school, what would it be? And why?


Xavier Smith, 8

“I would change every subject to science so I could make lava in a bottle, make slime, and do volcanoes experiments and whatever I want.”

Faith Furr, 7

“No teachers ‘cause we could run around the whole school.”

Kaylee Hennigan, 9

“I would take away all the work so we can just have fun and no work every single day.”

Joanna Ruggles, 8

“We could do whatever we want. Run in the hallways.”

Amir Curry, 6

“That school was closed. I don’t feel like going to school. It’s boring.”

Elizabeth Blalock, 5

“I like reading books, so I would want to read more.”

Kamden McLean, 6

“I would do work ‘cause that’s what I do, and reading books ‘cause I like reading books and recess.”

Photos and interview by Brianna Beaumont


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