Litter laws need to be enforced


To the editor:

The litterbugs are at it again. Three Bridge Road was cleaned up for a few days, but the litterbugs are back at it again. Bags of trash placed on the side. When a fox or coyote gets into it, it will be scattered all over the roadside.

They should be fined the maximum and sentenced to one month (160 hours) of public service picking up trash on the highways.

Ashe Avenue, going toward Red Hill Church Road, near the bridge, has also turned into a dumping ground, and once again, mattresses, chairs, couches and scattered trash are everywhere.

Turlington Road was an alternate route to the landfill when Three Bridge Road was closed for bridge rebuilding, and it looks like a hurricane of trash blew through and dumped. It took only a week for the road to look like a dump. Our litter laws need to be strictly enforced, by city and county authorities.

We cannot attract new businesses or residents with our roads looking like a pig sty.

Terry Simmons



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