Matter of life versus death


To the editor:

North Carolina wept on Holy Week leading up to Easter as Gov. Roy Cooper used his veto power to exercise his radical left agenda protecting infanticide for the powerless. With progressive states such as New York and Virginia passing legislation that only further degrades the sanctity of life, abortion has been a pressing issue across the nation.

North Carolina legislature passed the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act on Tuesday.

State Senate Bill 359 would require abortion workers to provide an equal level of medical care to an infant born alive from a failed abortion that they would any other infant born. While abortion to any degree breaks the heart of the Savior, our society only continues to mistake right for wrong, and wrong for right.

As a proud North Carolina resident, American, advocate for life, and most of all, Christian, the fact that abortion continues to take the largest portion of the rising generation disturbs me.

Despite one’s socio-economic background, skin color, political ideology, language, or religion, we were all once knit together in the womb and fully known by our Creator before birth. All life is sacred, and our community must fight to protect the lives of all people by expressing our frustration with Gov. Cooper and supporting politicians that protect the innocent.

Furthermore, the church must unconditionally love and support those who have had abortions, are experiencing unwanted pregnancy, or simply need to be reminded that life is a miracle no matter the circumstance.

This is not a matter of left versus right or liberal versus conservative, but a matter of life versus death for a future husband, wife, coworker, friend, son, daughter, and most importantly, child of King Jesus.

Olivia Price

Four Oaks


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