Multiple-shot rifles need banning


To the editor:

I am surprised that no politician has come up with a simple solution to the terrible mass slayings that are taking place in the United States. It is perhaps the NRA and its members that have prevented the good sense solution to merciless mass killings.

The simple solution is to get rid of assault rifles and any rifle that will shoot multiple shots without reloading. The simple solution is to outlaw these weapons all together. The law that I propose would require everyone to turn these weapons in to law enforcement within 90 days from the date of the passage of such legislation. The U.S. government should pay a reasonable price for all such weapons.

After the due date for turning in such weapons it would be a felony, punishable by imprisonment for some lengthy period of time, for the possession of such weapons. Law enforcement would have liberal rights to secure search warrants for the locations of any such weapons in the possession of citizens.

There is no need for such weapons in that they are not used in hunting. They are also of little real value in defending a residence.

The sole reason for owning such weapons is a desire to be able to kill numerous people with little effort whenever such owner desires to do so.

Our American citizens should be above such wanton desire to kill. Let’s get real and get this legislation passed.

Edgar Bain



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