October surprise


Well after several months of waiting, my dearly beloved October has finally arrived. Up to this point October has been a bit of a disappointment from a climate standpoint as I still find myself sweating and swatting giant mosquitoes every time I venture from the confines of my front door.

While the climate is still far too hot for my taste, I am determined to enjoy my October as I did this past weekend with the first October event on my calendar being Erwin Denim Days.

As they always do, the chamber and town did a fabulous job with the celebration that always takes place the first weekend in October.

The Denim Days celebration is always well attended by the town residents and I spent the better part of Saturday visiting the vendor tents, shaking a few hands and even chatting with a handful of politicians. While I have absolutely no desire in discussing politics on the weekends, I still cannot be rude to someone seeking me out for conversation, it’s just not my nature, but luckily, I have a full-proof plan to end the conversation rather quickly.

Whenever I was approached by a politician eager for a conversation or angling for a public endorsement, in print of course, I resorted to brutal honesty and send the politician running away. After the politician asked for my support, I politely informed them that I am a registered Libertarian who, on many occasions, have thrown write-in votes to Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd, and will do so again, anytime I consider them to be the best cartoon characters in the race. This may make the politician think that you are a nut and maybe I am, but it will save you the trouble of denying them your endorsement, in print of course. After all, who wants a public endorsement from someone who has cast a ballot for Elmer Fudd?

In all seriousness, all the politicians I spoke with were nice, genuine-seeming people, but with the midterm elections coming up one month from now, my political stamina will surely take a beating. As with every election, we will be keep our eyes open for the October surprise guaranteed to produce a giant blue or red wave while poor Elmer Fudd takes yet another kick to the chops.

After sending the politicians away, I invited my friends to join me for a tour of downtown Erwin’s newest business, The Cotton Row. Our newest business specializing in antiques and home decor looks truly remarkable thanks to the efforts of owner Tim Matthews.

As Tim will tell you, I visit the store each day whenever I need a change of scenery and certainly enjoy my new-found love for the world of antiques. Vendors are welcomed, so pay Tim a visit if you haven’t already, it’s certainly worthy of my endorsement.

For the remainder of the month, I plan to enjoy the cooler temperatures, attend a few football games, and enjoy the beauty of my beloved October before the November elections usher in the great Elmer Fudd wave of 2018.

Mr. Parker lives in Erwin. Contact him at jimmyprmg@gmail.com.


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