Phantom Strikers crowned summer league champs


The Silver Strikers Summer Bowling League came to an end Monday at Buffaloe Lanes, with the Phantom Strikers taking first place after 15 weeks of competition.

The Phantom Strikers finished with 87 points won out of a total 120, beating out B.C. Powder (70) and Gup Wagon West (69) to round out the top three. Behind them were J.D.C (68), Slo Go (62), Split Happens (58), Mixed Nuts (55), Silver Duo (50), Three Amigos (45) and the Ball Slingers (36).

Team members Bill Biggers and Barbara Raynor have been bowling together on the Phantom Strikers for eight years, and had never come in first place before. They were joined by a newcomer this summer in Larry Ernsberger, who replaced Mary Ann Woods after she suffered an injury.

“It was tough early on,” Biggers said. “Those first couple of weeks it was just the two of us, so we had a tough time. But when Larry joined us, he bowled really well, and that helped motivate us to step our game up.”

Biggers and Raynor had never met before joining the Silver Strikers league. But ever since they started bowling together they’ve become great friends.

“It’s been a lot of fun,” Raynor said. “We really enjoyed finally winning it this season. But we also missed having Mary Ann.”

To the delight of Biggers and Raynor, Woods is finally healthy again and will return to the Phantom Strikers for the upcoming fall season, while Ernsberger will start up a new team.

“We’re really happy to have won it this year,” Biggers said. “But the most important thing out here is just having fun and enjoying fellowship. Everyone out here, they’re all good people. And it’s especially fun to still be bowling with the same teammates and build good friendships.”

For the final week, bowlers brought in food for a large spread as a celebration of the season. By the time all the bowlers had finished, only a couple of mostly empty dishes remained.

“We had some good cookin’ out here,” Donnie Beasley of Mixed Nuts said with a wry smile. “I don’t reckon anyone will go home hungry. It’s something we’ve done every year, and it’s always a good time.”

In addition to the team awards, Buffaloe Lanes also gave out individual awards for various milestones. Winners are listed below.

Highest Average

Male: Larry Ernsberger (Phantom Strikers)

Female: Phyllis Edwards (Three Amigos)

Highest Scratch Series

Male: Pete Stewart (Split Happens)

Female: Vickey Glover (B.C. Powder)

Highest Scratch Game

Male: David Barefoot (Split Happens)

Female: Constance Ramey (B.C. Powder)

Highest Handicap Series

Male: Curtis McKoy (Three Amigos)

Female: Diane Tyndall (J.D.C)

Highest Handicap Game

Male: Larry Offerdahl (Split Happens)

Female: Rose Jenkins (Silver Duo)

Most Improved

Male: Barry Glover (B.C. Powder)

Female: Barbara Raynor (Phantom Strikers)


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