Program provides educational and vocational assistance


Kyle Davis was referred to JCI by Johnston County Behavioral Health Services for assistance in developing employment skills. Through the partnerships with JCI, Harnett County Vocational Services, and Johnston County Behavioral Health Services, Kyle was able to obtain employment at the Carlie C’s IGA in Angier.

These partnerships have provided the necessary training, support and even the needed clothing for his job. He is also working with the Harnett County Literacy Program for educational and vocational assistance to enhance the development of his social, literacy and financial skills.

Kyle was seeking part-time employment. His employment specialist, Melody Hartman, worked closely with him to find a job that would allow him to develop his social skills and become more confident. He is employed as a blocker/bagger at Carlie C’s IGA and started in November 2018, and is proving to be successful by assisting customers and working as a part of a team.

“My job is pretty cool. This is a laid-back place to work, and the people here are very nice. Ms. Hartman, Mr. Norman, Mr. Smith, they have helped me so much. I am happy to be working,” said Kyle.

Store Manager Trent Smith said, “Kyle is a great employee. I never have to worry that he is not doing a good job. When we need him to help with other tasks in the store, we page him, and he reports to the counter to help any way he can. He is excellent at organizing the products on the shelves and is very courteous to our customers. I hope Kyle will stay with our store, but he is really improving in his communication and work skills so if he finds other employment down the road

that he is interested in, then I know we did the right thing by giving him this opportunity. Working with JCI is something I take pride in because we are giving someone who needs employment a chance to learn skills and responsibilities.”

Melody Hartman said “Kyle’s success is a just another instance of how partnerships can provide people with tools of empowerment. I am very excited to see him succeed and appreciate Carlie C’s IGA, Harnett Vocational Rehabilitation and Johnston County Behavioral Health for helping this young man on his journey to continued success.”

Career & Workforce Development Services are designed to help individuals establish career pathways and secure and maintain employment in the five counties it serves.


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