Social Justice Or Capitalism?


OK, I heard the message loud and clear. It’s time to tackle a serious topic for a change. A few weeks back, while having a conversation with my friend and harshest critic, Eddy, he suggested the time had come for me to roll up my sleeves and sling some arrows.

As Eddy said, we don’t care how many coins you collected from McDonald’s. We could care less that you took a vacation, we have important issue’s to discuss, both locally and nationally, so give it your best shot.

Well, Eddy is certainly correct, we have our share of important issues to discuss, but because state and local issue’s typically bore me why not take this opportunity to discuss America’s newest social justice heroes, Colin Kaepernick and the Nike Corporation.

Many of my friends have asked me in the past week how I feel about Nike Corporation’s recent advertising deal with the former NFL quarterback and the backlash that includes the threat of boycotts and the burning of Nike merchandise.

Well, for the record, what Colin Kaepernick does or doesn’t do has absolutely no impact on my daily life whatsoever, never has, and never will. While I may feel indifferent to Colin Kaepernick the man, as a greedy capitalist, I cannot hate the man for cashing in on social justice if we the American people are willing to pick up the tab.

While I find it ironic how we as American’s idolize self-serving politicians, Hollywood celebrities and professional athletes, the fact of the matter is this is the America we have created for ourselves with the help of our political elites who have successfully and intentionally divided the American people into two political camps, never to be united again. While you may find the actions of Nike and Mr. Kaepernick offensive, you must understand that social justice is big business in today’s America and, if you believe in capitalism as I do, you can’t blame Nike or Colin Kaepernick for cashing in on an American culture hungry for hero worship in the name of social justice.

For my social justice friends who believe this deal between Nike and Colin Kaepernick has anything to do with social justice, let me be the first to inform you, if you believe that, you are completely and utterly delusional. The deal between Nike and Colin Kaepernick is all about capitalism plain and simple.

The Nike Corporation, like all corporations, are in business for profits and a corporation hated by social justice warriors for decades for allegedly using sweat shop labor from China, Vietnam and Taiwan did not suddenly hop on board the social justice bandwagon to clear their conscience.

Make no mistake, the marketing department at Nike made a calculated gamble to cash in on social justice and the civic-minded Colin Kaepernick, who cares so little about social justice that he doesn’t bother to vote in American elections, is eagerly waiting to cash in. Make no mistake Nike could care less about Colin Kaepernick the man.

If the deal with Kaepernick ends up a bust in the world of venture capitalism, the former quarterback will quickly find himself on the unemployment line until the next company comes along willing to cash in on the cult-like worship of the social justice hero.

For my friends who feel you can destroy Nike by burning your clothes and shoes on social media, well, think again. Nike has already spent the money you spent on your Nike apparel so donate your unwanted Nike apparel to someone in need and stop advertising for a company you suddenly claim to hate.

While it’s my opinion that neither Colin Kaepernick nor Nike are worthy of the hero-type worship they receive, I certainly cannot hate the capitalist.

Colin Kaepernick may be a sincere social justice warrior, or he may be a complete fraud, but make no mistake, he is a capitalist who cashed in on social justice and that, my friends, is worthy of a tip of the hat even if it makes you want to burn your shoes.

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