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A shot in the foot

Let’s see if I’ve got this straight: The county wants to hire an independent firm to re-evaluate property values, with the hope that it will result in higher property taxes for the residents. They intend to pay over $1 to $2 million to have this service performed, but don’t worry, the increase in taxes will pay for it. So in effect, we are paying someone to increase taxes on ourselves. Kinda like shooting yourself in the foot, isn’t it?

The claim is “It will pay for itself” rings hollow, when we all know it is the property owners who will pay for it.

It just goes to prove the old saying: Figures don’t lie, but liars can figure.

Seven deadly sins

I would like to give a shout-out to the caller on the article “Trump does nothing” [May 24]. Could not have said it better. Ignorance is rampant in the area. Trump is the living embodiment of the seven deadly sins plus one. They are pride, greed, lust, gluttony, wrath, envy, sloth and of course, liar.

Need to get stuff done

If the Democrats worked as hard to get stuff done for us as they work to try to impeach a voted-in president, then things would be great for this country. But, no, they want to take your money and give it to someone else, and want to impeach Donald Trump, and get his tax returns. That’s all you hear “impeach, impeach!”

Agrees with letter writer

I give a shout out to Elizabeth Temple, thank you for your letter to the editor [“Why I like Trump,” May 22]. I agree 100 percent, President Trump is 100 percent behind Israel, just like the Bible tells us. And there is more of us behind Trump than not, no matter what the Democrats believe.

Dream on

The Democrats have a lot of nerve to face Trump face-to-face with all they have been up to. All they want to do is indict him and impeach him. Well, dream on!

Show your returns

If the Democrats want to see Trump’s taxes bad enough, why don’t they show off their own tax returns?

Get back to business

Well, the Mueller probe is over, there was no collusion, the president is innocent. Now the Democrats in Washington can quit whining and get back to what they’re being paid to do.

Read your Bible

I seen where the students are striking about climate change and wondering why the adults didn’t join them. They said in 50 years there won’t be any world. Well, they should read the Bible. It says only God knows when the world will end. What happened to the Ice Age? What caused that? Was it us?


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