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Think before you vote

It will soon be time for us to vote for new city councilmen in Dunn. Look at the city councilmen you have now, and see if there has been results or anything done on things, done in your neighborhood that will help you vote.

Parking should be free

This is about Harnett County Schools wanting to charge students $15 to $30 then go up more to park in the parking lot. Do the teachers and staff have to pay to park there? That should be against the law; it’s mandatory that the students ... go to school, so they should be able to park for free. It’s ridiculous for it to keep rising. I’m curious if teachers or buses have to pay to park. This might be the dumbest idea Harnett County Schools has had.

Looking for info

This is more of a question to see if anyone knows. My husband has had so many skin cancers on his face, especially on his nose and lips. Does anybody know if anyone sells covers for the face or nose? Bless his heart, he went to Sanford today and they did a biopsy and it was a basal cell [carcinoma]. They had to take care of that and more. If anyone knows, please put it in the paper and I’ll appreciate it.

Missing TV channel

For all of you Direct TV customers who miss channel 17, in case you don’t know, Time Warner, Charter and even Dish Network has it. You can watch your shows there. For all you who watch soap operas, that’s where they went. I don’t know why they took it off without warning.

Kudos to Trump

Hooray for President Trump. He had a Fourth of July celebration at the White House, on the birthday of America. All those other presidents had singers and rock bands at the White House. I would rather see a Fourth of July celebration and see how much he loves America.


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