Sound off


Put money to better use

Can someone please ask our leaders why are we going to spend 50 to 60K of taxpayer money to save an archway at Boone Trail? This is crazy. What would we be doing had the fire taken it out? I think my money could be used for better things. It’s called change, make your park and be done. And going above budget is ridiculous.

Concerned about landlords

I was concerned about a landlord in Dunn. I think it’s common that landlords rent to handicapped people who can’t walk or use hands. Then if they’re one or two days late ... they give them a 10-day notice and try to evict them. Dunn was voted All America City. I would like to know if anyone has checked into landlords to see what kind of people they’re dealing with. They think all this money will go with them when they die. They claim to be Christians but go around cussing and treating their tenants like trash. In reference to the man, he has an ugly attitude. I want to know what the people think about a landlord trying to put a disabled person out of a home with no place to go but a wheelchair.

Wants more local news

This is in reference to the Friday, July 12, edition. I started reading an article [“Town says public emails would cost $70K”] then realized it’s not even about a town in Harnett County; it applies to Youngsville. The Daily Record has scaled back so much on its articles, why would you print something that’s not relevant to Harnett County or the surrounding areas? It is supposed to be a local paper about things that affect us locally. I just think this is a waste of our paper, especially being on the second page. Please do more articles that are local and relevant to us.

Trump trying to help

I just wanted to call and say I don’t get why all these people are hating on Trump. He’s doing some good stuff. These Democrats need to get it right. He is trying to help us.

Bring ICE here

Someone needs to tell ICE that they need to come to Harnett, Johnston, Cumberland and Sampson counties. There are too many illegal immigrants here that they need to take back where they belong.

Don’t want to pay taxes

These people coming over here illegally don’t want to be here legally because they don’t want to pay taxes. They want to receive but they don’t want to give back.

It’s better here

Donald Trump said for those people to leave and go back if they don’t like how things are going. But you don’t see the illegals trying to go back home because they know it’s better here. We have worked hard to make it good here.


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