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Rethink entrance idea

I agree with the caller about the spending of taxpayers dollars to save the entrance to the old Boone Trail School. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. I didn’t realize the county had this kind of disposable funds to carry out such a ridiculous task, especially with the need of new schools. I think this kind of money could be well spent in other areas of the county. If the community wants it saved, then maybe they should raise the money to save it and not depend on the taxpayers to front the bill for it. Our leaders need to rethink this idea.

Treatment is shameful

I saw the article ... about how nobody wants to help older people. This person is right in some things I have encountered in my life lately. It is a shame we have to live in a world where even disabled veterans or just disabled old people are being abused, robbed and harassed. Wake up, America, we’re people too! Some day you might be disabled or old and want to retire with a happy life. I personally fought in a war to keep freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness alive.

Need names

We need the names of the people arrested in the checkpoint at N.C. Highway 210 and Hayes Road in the [July 12] newspaper [“DWI checkpoint nets 1 impaired driver, 6 fugitives”].

On their phones

I’ve seen Harnett County deputies and officers texting when driving, and when it’s raining they’re supposed to have windshield wipers on but they don’t. They’ll go fast to pass you on U.S. Highway 421, but you’ll see them parked at a restaurant talking to their friend a few miles down the road.

They’re not illegal

This is for the person who wants to bring ICE to Harnett County. The Mexicans in Harnett and Johnston counties are not illegals. Some of them have green cards and some only come here during the planting and harvest seasons. I have not met an illegal one yet that’s doing farm work. But if they go back, they spend a lot of money in Harnett County. Especially at Walmart, you’ll see them all there on Sundays. Some even drive nice cars. I bet when you don’t have nice produce on your table you’ll blame them for that, too.

A pathetic low

What a shame that the American political climate has sunk to a pathetic low level. From rallies to congressional hearings, the venomous tone of the language is frightening and disgusting. No one, not Brett Kavanaugh or Robert Mueller, should be subjected to the spectacle that public hearings have become.

Show some respect

I am so tired of hearing these people say that President Donald J. Trump is not president. Well, a lot of us voted for him. And we put him in that office because that’s what God wanted in the office. If that’s not what God wanted then he wouldn’t have made it. I don’t like Obama, but he was president. Just because I didn’t like him doesn’t mean he wasn’t the president. He wasn’t just the occupant, he was the president. These people calling Trump the “occupant” should shut their mouths and respect the office.

Go back if not happy

You hear the news complaining about the crowd that said “send them back.” Well, I agree, if you don’t like our country then go back where you came from. Especially if you aren’t here legally.

Why a racist?

Why is it you can’t say anything about anyone or you’re a racist? ...


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